Unveiling the Best of 2023: foodpanda's Top Picks and the New Rewind Feature

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Whether it was a late-night snack, a morning boost, or an urgent grocery run, foodpanda stood as the go-to online food and grocery delivery platform in 2023. As we step into a new year, the platform shares insights into the top food and grocery trends from the previous year, as observed from the collective orders of app users.

"We offer a wide variety of cuisines on the app, but we've seen that our customers’ top food orders have remained consistent throughout the years. In 2023, we saw many more customers try our services outside food delivery, through groceries, pickup and even parcel delivery," revealed Patricia Jacinto, Growth and Marketing Director at foodpanda Philippines.

Let's delve into the highlights of foodpanda's popular orders in 2023!

The Unwavering Popularity of Burgers

In a world that is always evolving, one thing stays constant – the enduring popularity of burgers! Burgers have consistently maintained their status as the supreme choice for foodpanda deliveries. Fast food continues to be a formidable force, whether for delivery or pick-up.

Burgers securing the top spot in both deliveries and pick-up orders mirrors the dominance of fast food as the most ordered cuisine on the app. This is closely followed by Filipino dishes and Western cuisines such as chicken and pizza.

"Burgers have always been among foodpanda’s top orders over the years. It seems that our app users love to order what they can eat on-the-go and the taste they are familiar with, whether it’s for delivery or pick-up," observed Jacinto.

Grocery Essentials in the Spotlight

When it comes to the most popular grocery essentials, two items take the lead – bread and liquor!

Our love for sandwiches and toast knows no bounds. Bread, often the unsung hero of every kitchen, claims the top spot for pandamart, ensuring we are never short on carbs.

In foodpanda Shops, liquor emerges as the undisputed sovereign! It seems that many foodpanda users are well-versed in celebrating joyous occasions with a toast.

"The order basket of our app users are very diverse which is evident in the top grocery items. But it only goes to show that the foodpanda app has everything our customers want and need –from pantry essentials like bread to seasonal items like liquor," emphasized Jacinto.

Voucher Extravaganza

As if the culinary delights weren't enticing enough, foodpanda users are treated to a voucher extravaganza! The top three voucher favorites – EATNA, FPASKO, and MERIENDA – have been the saviors, providing discounts when cravings strike.

The Digital Payment Revolution

In a world where cash usually reigns supreme, foodpanda users are rewriting the rules! The battle of payment preferences is a close race, with an increasing number of users embracing digital payments.

Jacinto shared that they introduced a convenient e-wallet service called "pandapay" for quick and secure app payments. "pandapay lets users top up funds to the foodpanda app, ensuring secure and convenient payment for food or grocery orders. Plus, we’re also throwing in some perks like cashback for discounts on future orders.

In addition to summarizing overall orders from app users, they capped off the year by introducing the foodpanda Rewind 2023 – a special treat offering users an exclusive look at their orders, top dishes, preferred cuisines, and more, all accessible within the app.

This cool feature enables users to reminisce about all the delicious meals and essential items they ordered through foodpanda. Just like your music taste and playlists, your food orders deserve a shoutout too! If you haven't explored it yet, take a glance at your foodpanda culinary journey with Rewind 2023!

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