My Ang Parokya Ni Edgar: Buruguduystunstugudunstuy Musical Experience

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I've been a big fan of Parokya Ni Edgar for as long as I can remember, heavily influenced by my older brothers who owned multiple copies of the band’s cassette tapes and a songbook containing every lyric of their songs. Back then, all I could do was listen to their music; it wasn’t relatable to me at a very young age, but it became a favorite because of its familiarity and melody.

Years passed, and I finally had the opportunity to attend shows and concerts where I witnessed Parokya Ni Edgar perform live during their provincial tours. Luckily, I got the chance to finally meet them in person and even take a photo with Chito, the vocalist of Parokya Ni Edgar.

With years of being a fan of the band and memorizing numerous of their songs, I’m always excited to receive updates whenever there’s a chance for them to perform here. But the twist of turning Parokya Ni Edgar's songs into a musical got me even more excited about it.

This is new. This is different. This is wild.

So, when news broke that the songs of Parokya Ni Edgar would be featured in a theater production earlier this year, I wasted no time in deciding to attend. However, amidst the chaos of my workload from both work and DBS, I overlooked the ticket sale date and failed to secure one for myself. Accustomed to effortlessly booking tickets for K-Pop and other foreign acts, missing out on this opportunity left me feeling like a clueless puppy.

But I guess luck was still in my favor, as I got invited to watch the musical.

I never had any idea how a musical show would run. Having attended many concerts, I thought it would be the same, but it was totally different and more fun, I guess. It may sound nonsensical, but I totally appreciated the mid-break so everyone could have time to relieve themselves without missing any scenes – you can't do that at concert shows.

Moving on to the story of the Parokya Ni Edgar Musical called "Buruguduystunstugudunstuy," it revolves around four women having the strangest birthday of their lives, all born on December 6th. Each of them undergoes a radical transformation and faces a crisis unique to themselves. These four women deal with their own other personas and confront them to discover their true selves. While the story may sound like a regular Pinoy storyline, it was portrayed uniquely and told to the public seamlessly in a different flavor.

The musical actors portrayed every character with ease and truly showcased their exceptional craft. It's true that Pinoy talent is amazing and truly world-class. I couldn't help but be amazed at how they were able to sustain a 3-hour show with live dancing, singing, and acting – and they do it multiple times a week and many times in a month. That is a wild skill that's hard to beat. On a personal note, during "Buruguduystunstugudunstuy," the characters that stood out to me were Norma played by Tex Ordonez-De Leon and Mr. Suave played by Pepe Herrera. They aren't new to this industry, so the bar is really high for them, but they really exceeded expectations.

The production design and stage were out of this world. I was jaw-dropped the entire show, mesmerized by all the effects, costumes, and everything from start to end. There was never a dull moment – I was entertained the whole time. In fact, as what the President and CEO of Newport World Resorts, Mr. Kingson Sian said, of all the musicals they had organized in New Port, "Parokya Ni Edgar: Buruguduystunstugudunstuy" is the most expensive production they had, and I can see why.

The songs of Parokya Ni Edgar were surely the highlight of the musical, as they're the reason why "Buruguduystunstugudunstuy" exists. The show started with a strong medley of Parokya Ni Edgar classics, then I was thrilled when "The Yes Yes Show" was sung, followed by "Bagsakan," "Buloy," "Mr. Suave," and so on, finishing with a "Magic Time Medley." I was overwhelmed.

Then came the second part after a quick break, where my much-loved songs were sung like "This Guy's in Love With You Pare," "Silvertoes," "Your Song," "Inuman Na," "Para Sa'Yo," and how can I forget how I laughed out loud during the "Don’t Touch My Birdie" part – that was such a fun touch. Then they proceeded with "Harana," "Gitara," and closed the show with a "Farewell Medley."

The whole show was managed by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra with a great lineup of musical legends. They were so good at playing those instruments to accompany the performers in delivering a great performance.

The show ended with everyone in the audience giving a standing ovation. What's even more amazing is that during the time I watched the show, the whole band of Parokya Ni Edgar was present and celebrated the show's success with the entire cast of the musical, the people working behind the curtain, and everyone who contributed to its success.

I went back to the hotel happy, my heart full.

Verdict? I wouldn't be writing this if it's something I would not recommend. For me, "Ang Parokya Ni Edgar: Buruguduystunstugudunstuy" musical is not just a performance; it's a part of my childhood, my brothers' childhood, and it sure brings back old times every time we play their songs on our cassette. And I love how the story ran, which I can somehow relate to. It was supposed to be fun, but I have a personal attachment to the music, so instead of just having fun, I found myself silently singing along and sobbing at the same time. Damn. This musical is personal.

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