Greatness in Life

10:52 PM
Everyday brings me a new challenge. However, I can successfully manage it. Life always wants to see more from me and I continuously fight for myself to aim the best out of me .That brings a sense of true happiness for me - achievement.­

There are many possessions in my life that I value such as my family, my career, and my friends. I could not choose just one from them because every component in my life is consequently important for me.

To answer the question: What is your greatest moment of achievement? Who inspired and helped you at Home to achieve it and why?

My greatest accomplishment in life is the family and friends I have, and the good times I had. I guess that doesn't sound like a conventional "achievement" but in an age where Prozac and depression are so common, I think being happy is quite the achievement in itself.

They say that you can die without ever having lived, and that's what I think about. It sounds corny, like people who do "banats", but I take each day one step at a time, enjoy it, and try not to stress out.

So yeah, my greatest accomplishment is contentedness! My friends, especially my family, make my life bearable, and they are one of the biggest assets I could have. When you are loved by the people who surround you, I think that’s a hell of an achievement, and a comforting success.

However, if there is a time that I felt WAS my greatest achievement is:

My participation in our ROTC class was one of my greatest achievements in my life because it taught me what was truly importance in life: patriotism, loyalty, and integrity. Indeed, though being gay, the challenges and trainings are extremely hard, it tested my perseverance and determination. I never let other people discriminates me, instead I had showed them what I've really got. Self-satisfaction which is innate in me proves me of what I am to other people. The confidence and the greatness I have is from my family at home. Their support and undying love keeps me strong.

But above all, having a personal relationship with God, taking in accurate knowledge of His Word, and putting it into practice. My entire life, outlooks and goals have changed in an amazingly positive way. That defines what greatest achievement for me is.

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