PBB Teen Edition 4 Possible Housemates Revealed!

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Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited gave a blast of unlimited surprises during the Big Night at the Grandstand. After having an overnight voting with "Power of 1 system" the votes of the viewers reigns.

Here are the results of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition:

Grand Winner: Slater Young
2nd Placer: Pamu Pamorada
3rd Placer: Joseph Biggel
4th Placer: Paco Evangelista

The winner gets to go home with 2-million peso cash prize from Jack & Jill, appliance showcase from Whirlpool and Fujidenzo, Sony internet TV, Asian tour package for 2 (Trip to Bangkok, Hong Kong & Singapore), 2-million peso worth negosyo franchise from Crystal Clear and a special appearance in a TFC-produced program in the US.

Nice ending for the unlimited season. Now, here comes another season that will kick off everyone this summer.

After 4 months of searching for potential teen housemates from more than 20 thousand auditionees nationwide and around the globe, Pinoy Big Brother opens the biggest opportunity for teens this summer – to be a PBB teen housemate.

Announced during the PBB Unlimited Big Night on March 31, the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 will have its “fun-tastic take off” on April 8, 2012 at 9PM. It will be hosted again by Bianca Gonzales, Robi Domingo, Toni Gonzaga and John Pratts.

Who would it be the next PBB Teen Big Winner? Next in line after: Kim Chui, Ejay Falcon and James Reid.

Here are some of the possible teen housemates that will enter the PBB house this April 8:

The Farm boy-next-door of Davao
Of Chinese-American-British-Norwegian-Filipino descent which grew up in an hacienda in Davao

The Conservative Probinsyana of Mindoro
Doesn’t want to end up like her sister who got pregnant early

The 6 Footer Full Time Party Boy from Pampanga
Half Kiwi and half Pinoy, part-time model, part-time student, full time party boy

The Disciplined and Obedient Tarlakenyo
Guy who always obey his parents and afraid of breaking his 7 PM curfew

The Teen Rascal
One who always gets what he wanted and jokes about idolizing his dad who has three wives

The Construction Worker of Naga
Forced to quit school to support his siblings after his mother abandoned them for another guy

The Beauty Queen from Batangas
The daughter of an OFW and a faith healer who always wanted to give her family a better life

The Hopeless Romantic of Laguna
A campus crush due to his good looks

The Cosplayer from Iloilo
Addicted to anime and K-Pop

Here is the teaser for PBB Teen Edition 4 possible housemates:

Do you want me to spoil you more? We'll since I'm a certified spoiler here are some of the PBB Teen S4 Housemates photo (uncensored). 

[photo credited from facebook]
[photo credited to @IamJanJoy on Twitter]
(my apology for showing 3 same housemates in the 2nd photo, will update more possible housemates)

Do you know any one of them?
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