Music is Love: Discovering behind the Industry

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Why we love music?

Music is a universal language; a beautiful language that my soul and heart responds to amazingly well. It appeals to me. Whether it is blues, emo, indie or alternative songs I can always depend on music to take me through some instances in life when everything else fails. That is why I love music. Oh not just me, you too reading this and all of us in the world loved music. We do have our own taste in music yet we end up loving the same thing.

I love music because it's never boring, and like art, it's subjective and that's what makes it interesting.

Now my question is... Why Do You Love Music?


I can listen to one song for long hours not less than 7 hours during free time/day. Even I listen to music so often that when I'm not listening to it, I find rhythms in footsteps and doors closing and the sound of traffic. Honestly, music to me is home, a constant. When I play a favorite song, the chaos of the day is made clear. 

Recently got addicted listening and watching videos on Youtube. After watching great singers performing their own pieces, I'm checking out covers of the same song, seldom found out that somehow or in some way, covers are way better than the originals. I loved doing the comparison when I know I heard which one is best.

Checking the List:

Music was my first love and will be my last. haha I'm not a good singer though, but I can go with the beats and rhythms, I'm a dancer. Self-acclaimed performer. Anyway, my iPod is halfway to be fully loaded, I actually deleted some music in it for future purposes. I always weigh which songs can be a lullaby in my ear cause I only use my iPod during my melodramatic phase in life. Who are in the list? Joseph Vincent, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Erik Santos, Angeline Quinto and etc. Well, most specially my fave Anne Curtis.

As stated above, my peg is with covers now. Hearing lot of cover made me realize that the world is full of great (undiscovered) talents. Here some of my fave covers. ooppss! I forgot, I only listen to covers if the person singing is a Filipino.

Joseph Vincent - Grenade (Bruno Mars)
Joseph Vincent is an up-and-coming acoustic ARTIST striving to make a name for himself in the world of MUSIC. Growing up, Joseph had an open EAR for music, listening to all types of genres from hip-hop to rock. He picked up his first GUITAR at the age of 15 and started off by playing covers of some of his main musical influences, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. He began writing and COMPOSING his own original songs at the age of 16.
Subscribe to his Channel:

Seandhee - Terrified (Katharine Mcphee)
Seandhee are real life sweetheart Sean Mitchel Pilapil Oquendo (Sean) and Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerife (Zendee or dhee). Both are succeeding in their own craft as young singing sweetheart, and starting making names in their field of talent. Also making name in Youtube World. As their latest offer to their viewers and subscribers, they are now on the polishing of their own song. Mabuhay Heneral.
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Aren't they better than the originals? If not for you, well, for me they really are. There are a lot of great singers found on Youtube only doing covers of famous artist. I guess, our music industry need to be more of a keen observer in looking for this great talents.

We have a lot of performers left hanging on shaky ground as they just starting molding their own craft. Just like this band PULSERAº. Everyone, haven't heard this band name yet but hopefully this will help you knowing them. As a brief overview, PULSERAº is an indie-band who plays ambient, experimental, post-rock music. The band was formed in 2008 and after three years of changing lineups, it welcomes 2012 with a more established sound. And this time, the band's ready to take on both the indie and mainstream music scenes. Listening to their songs is another breath of fresh air.

Rock / Ambient / Alternative

Lets talk more about PULSERAº

In an industry where the delineation of creative artistry and commercial viability has so often been misused and abused, where the essence of independence has been bastardized to coax the egos of self-deprecating poseurs, there remains a number of artists actively seeking to retool their arsenal and ultimately break free from the perceived norms (and spite those hypocrites along, as well).

PULSERAº is one such band, and it boasts of a brand of music counter to the more popular genre in this day. Never loud only to be deviant, PULSERAº is an alternative to your long, drawn-out, screaming suicidal sentiments.

After producing several songs and with their constant gig exposures, Pulsera collectively decided to reinvent its sound of what was already melodic, provocative and gritty.

PULSERAº assaults its listeners with a controlled barrage of pulsating beats, multitextured guitar riffs, groove-laden bass lines, ambient backgrounds and chilling melodies, while never losing the grip on its hard-hitting stance. Though such a structure may be a little complex to some, one is never lost in all the layers of sound nor the perverse messages of the songs.

On live sets, PULSERAº is never static, never complacent. Its music is never pretentious. It does not rip a page off of someone else’s music book. When you think you have the music down pat, it reemerges on the other side of the spectrum – a myriad of sounds from alternative rock, grunge, post rock, shoegazer, ambient, post hardcore, psychedelic, progressive, industrial to metal.

PULSERAº is eternally on a journey of revolution to break adherence from inertia – a scene already crowded with failed, “attempting” lovers. Simply put, it aims to shoot you off through the roof.

Band Members:

  • Omar Regalado - vox/guit
  • Marc Balanay - guit
  • Aldrich Prawira - guit
  • Rey Lamurin - bass
  • Jansen Respicio - drums




For bookings, contact PULSERAº at 09189482414

or visit their web pages:


All with a humble beginning will wake up with a great tomorrow. I know that in time soon, with hardship, love and passion PULSERAº will surely marked their own name to everyone's mind and heart.

Finally, I love music because it appeals to me and I know I can share it with people around the globe. When a song about hunger is done, I respond to it by making contribution. This is because I love music, it is great company, it makes me laugh, and unifies all people as humanity. 

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