Unofficial Housemate from Pampanga: Disqualified!

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Last week, before the PBB Teen Edition 4 being aired, I posted about the unofficial housemates that might be experiencing once in a lifetime kick off summer party inside the house of Kuya and will experience a life changing moment.

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At first it was just a rumored but now it turned into reality.

Let's all meet Vernon Calara or Non Calara ang Raketero ng Pampanga. He auditioned January 6 at Mall of Asia. The first rumor that Non is the Construction Worker of Naga, where in fact, he is not and he's actually from Pampanga; he is currently taking up BS Accountancy at Holy Angel University. Even a friend of mine confirmed about this issue.

 Non Calara ang Raketero ng Pampanga

He is not the Construction Worker ng Naga but Raketero ng Pamapanga

According to PBB Management, the reason of disqualifying Non in the reality tv show are:
  • Pampanga has the most number of representative this season
  • Early campaign for an unofficial housemate
  • Gain number of fan pages both in Twitter and Facebook (as early as March 31)
These are just few of the reasons, why Non is no longer part of the game, but whatever the other reasons are, lets all leave it to PBB rules and regulations. I know these reasons did not satisfied you and so I am.

It's not Non's fault

As a viewer I, myself witness how PBB released their summer kick-off teaser, they almost showed off the whole identity of the possible teen housemates, according to source, it's not Non, but the people who knew him. So, whats the point of disqualifying Non?

Extra Scoop: Gossip is Around

During audition days Keith "Kit" Thompson and his team already celebrating for their early victory. Self-acclaimed that they are already part of the official housemate and he is indeed, even during the released of the PBB teaser, lot of people confirmed Kit's identity. Bottomline, he is still in the line and PBB never bother themselves to kick Kit off the game. Kit is one of the cast of "Tween Hearts"... GMA 7 artist.

Non's fans are now roaring for justice.

The first batch of housemates are now in inside the house and officially part of the PBB Teen Edition 4 while others are still waiting for their turn if they really are destine to be part of the elite list.
Alec and Gail has the same situation with Vernon but the reason they don't get disqualified even their identity we're showed off is that Kuya and the PBB management decided that they're already an official housemate. Final and irrevocable.

huh? Yes, PBB has a list of unofficial housemates and official housemates.

Now, what bother me is that why they don't give Non a chance? I know they have rules but I guess, they easily take off their hat in disqualifying an unofficial housemates. So, its housemates fault if the PBB teaser almost showed off their identity? or shall I say, how lucky those teens are, who are not part of the teaser and remain themselves unknown.

UPDATE! It's up to you to JUDGE!

Bring back Non Calara ang Raketero ng Pampanga
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