Birthday Giveaway Part 2

11:34 PM

Giveaway ALERT!

Hello everyone, what’s up?

Thank you for supporting Pages Flipper and for that I prepare a new giveaway for you. This is the second part of my birthday giveaway and if you are being WOW with the first one, which is still running ‘till May 25th. I’ll make sure that you will feel the same way too this time around.

Prizes that are up for grab from this giveaway are from my lovely and kind sponsors. This giveaway will also end on May 25th, 11:59pm.

Before giving you the instructions/mechanics, let me give you a brief description about my sponsors. To start with…

Hiruscar Philippines

The Scar Solution from Switzerland.

Company Overview

Distributed by Pacific Healthcare (Philippines), Inc., Hiruscar® was formulated by Swiss dermatologists at Medinova Switzerland. Medinova Group (Switzerland) is a renowned manufacturer with 40 years of experience in the dermatological industry.

Pacific Healthcare (Philippines), Inc. is a multinational company that offers a one-stop solution for high-quality healthcare and related products.


Hiruscar® is a hypoallergenic non-greasy gel that helps lighten, smoothen and soften scars on both the face and the body. With its quick absorption rate, application is fast, hassle-free, and is ideal for all skin types.

It has 6 power-ingredients that penetrate into your skin and helps improve and reduce scar visibility.

Qwezer ClothingStore

Our Story

It's the same tale as everybody else. Just some extraordinary characters involved. Hobbies turned into something worth sharing.

We're ordinary people having out-of-this-world ideas. We started from the quote "design your own universe" which turned out to be kind of hard at the moment, so we turned to "expression through design for the love art!" And here we are, sharing the love through printed tees, wanting to put a smile on everyone's face. For the past months of starting this operation, I guess we're really enjoying this kind of stuff!

Our Products

We're forming up our own brand of having fun and witty artworks printed on tees. We follow the idea of wearing the beauty of creativity. Our production process are as simple as follows:

  1. our own artists and other friends create artworks that are full of fun and creativity
  2. we choose what looks good on print and decide on the colours of the shirts (Hey, did you know all our shirts are made of 100% cotton? Now you do!)
  3. we print those damn good designs in our facility using high grade textile paints, and then we use the silkscreen + heatpress for fine results
  4. and finally, we release it to the market so everyone gets to have an ART SHIRT!

But that's not all

Did you know that Qwezer is environment-friendly too? We use WATER-BASED textile paints for printing our designs on shirts. That means no PVC or phthalate plastic compounds mixed in the print. We also use recyclable brown paper bag as packaging. Designing our universe also means taking care of it!


Punk X Pretty is a special shop where vintage and thrifted items are remade and given new life. We will be releasing brand new items in the near future as well. Each piece is handmade and turned into a one-of-a-kind item for you to enjoy.

...and last but definitely not the list, we have Sir...

Kris Ryan Zara

A Professional Photographer A Chef A Radio Jock of A Lover waiting to be tamed. Ang TeddyBear ng Bayan!!! via his twitter bio

So, without further ado, let the contest begin.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll select the winners via and will notify thru email. Winners must respond within 24hours after the announcement or it will be forfeited. I will choose another winner for every unclaimed/forfeited prizes.

Review your entry to make sure you did it right.

P.S.: Don't forget to join the part 1 of this giveaway,
just click here: Birthday Giveaway 1
Here's my email if you want to say anything like personal messages, greetings or just wanna say HI!

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