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Most people who have made the leap to online shopping swear that it is the most convenient and hassle free way to shop.  I’m actually one of those people. In the past few days, I found out this online store that you will surely love as much as I do. The ZALORA Philippines.

ZALORA is a one stop online destination for everything in fashion in the Philippines. Bringing us an insight on global trends, they feature our favorite international designers and the most relevant Filipino brands.

They are constantly tracking the latest fashion trends to make sure they offer us the most exciting products available. Their fashion tips and advice will allow us to shop with more confidence.

At ZALORA they believe that our shopping experience should be easy and fun. That’s why they have a great team of local customer service consultants which you can locate at their Manila offices and free express shipping for all your purchases.

ZALORA also give 250 worth of voucher to their new costumer/s who registered an account at their online store. Not to mention, aside from being an online store that has a lot to offer, they also provide to everyone the things to be on top in terms of fashion and other things alike.

Why choose ZALORA? As stated above, ZALORA has a lot to offer, providing you all the best not just around the country but around the globe as well. No need for you to go out and shop, all you have to do is to sit in front of your computer, in your convenience and shop. Less hassle and you definitely can save time.

POINTS: If you're going to shop online, make sure to consider these things: Convenience, Better Prices, Variety, Send Gifts, Fewer Expenses, Comparison of Prices, Crowds, Compulsive Shopping, Buying Old or unused Stuff at low prices and Discreet Purchases. These are only some of the things we need to keep in mind if we're going to buy online but for better and wiser online shopping? Choose ZALORA!

I really loved ZALORA and in fact, I have here and would like to share to you the things I like most. My ZALORA Wishlist. A list consisting of 5 items that I wanted to have.

First on my WISHLIST is the Grey Chambray (Botas) from TOMS

Woven burlap and textured gum sole. Hidden elastic straps for secure fit even without laces and classic suede insole. Latex arch insert for added support. Solid rubber outsole for comfort and style.

I loved the color, since it is my fave color actually and it's very pleasing to the eyes, it seems that it is so light; the style is cute. This shoes is good to go with or without laces since they have hidden elastic straps for secure fit! So, I want to own this.

Second on my WISHLIST is L/S Shirt from Hooked

The L/S Shirt by Hooked is a button down shirt featuring long sleeves that have stripes and embroidered decal. The fabric is hand/machine washable.

The color is cool to the exes, the style is nice and I can really appreciate it. Confident booster for me.

Domanchi -Blazer is the third on my list

Get classy and sophisticated with the Domanchi Blazer. This sleek suit is sure to make you look suave and unflappable with its sleek cut and fine design, giving you that extra push to let out your inner confidence and charm. These are perfect for formal soirees or dates.

So smooth and professional, the cloth used looks expensive... simple and fashionable. Will loved this much if I'm the one wearing this.

Fourth spot on my list is from HookedLong Pant w/ Trim

Add a splash of fun to your usual wardrobe with the Hooked Long Pant w/ Trim. These give a little twist to your regular black pants via stripes strategically placed on the waistband and pockets. Wear these with a tee over a button down shirt for a nice casual style.

I love the style, really nice, way too cool from others and the details from buttons and cut is superb.

Last on my list but definitely not the least and to complete the get-up; here's CRAFT from Ray Ban

Are you the outdoorsy type? This pair of Silver Craft sunglasses by Ray Ban will fit any outdoor activity. Pair with sun and a cool breeze.

Fashionable and the lenses are indeed great.

There you go, my cool wishlist that will hopefully be mine. You too can create your own wishlist, just register at Zalora site and get started by choosing all the stuffs you like..

Check out ZALORA online store now by clicking this photo below or the link right after the photo.

Enjoy the fun by shopping online!

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