Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

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As a student summer spell as F-U-N. Did I spell it right? Less worries, no assignments, no teacher would scold you -so as mom if you do nothing in regards to school. Lazy mornings. Summer movie. Party. You get to wear less clothes, summer romance, skinny dipping at midnight, sunsets, campfires, sandy toes, tanning, jumping off the dock, fireworks, and star gazing. What else? Hmmp! Free to all.

Summer it is the time that you can see the earth is alive, the smell of blooming flowers or a fresh cut lawn. It is a time that you can feel the warmth of the sun and the warmth of a breeze. To walk barefooted, dig your toes into the sand. Sit outside in the evening and listen to crickets and see the firefly's as the as they add sparkle to the night. Look up at the night sky in search of shooting stars. The sound of a warm summer rain as it cleanses the earth. Lay in your bed with the windows open so the night will share its smell and sound to soon put you to sleep. Summer is everything.

So much for that, cause above all, summer is about VACATION. Where do you think is the best summer spot? Have you ever thought where the summer wonders of the Philippines are?

I have enlisted here my 7 Summer Wonders of the Philippines. Here they are as follows:
  1. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
  2. Underground River of Puerto Princessa
  3. Hundred Island, Pangasinan
  4. Bohol
  5. Tubbataha Reef
  6. Boracay
  7. Gumasa, Sarangani Province
Let's breakdown the list but start from below to my top choice. This is in no particular order but must say my number 1 is indeed in its right spot.

Gumasa, Sarangani Province - We called it also The Small Boracay of Mindanao, because the beauty itself define Boracay but whatever name herein is the beauty of the beach. The white sand and fine crystal land makes your feet comfortable to walk around the beach. Experience swimming with clear blue sea. Sorry to say but if you want to experience what Boracay was like around decades ago then Gumasa Beach fits your bill. Been in this place for many times, and will surely coming back this April 20 for their pre-summer kick off as they celebrate the 2nd Mahin Festival.

Boracay - Whats best about Boracay is that the party never stops. It's an unending celebration where everyone is a party goer. Boracay nightlife is pulsating with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink and fun until the very late evening. It's indeed more fun in Boracay and this prove that its white sand beaches and direct flights from all over Asia, have made it one of the Philippines most popular tourist destinations. Hope to be in Boracay this summer for a change.

Tubbataha Reef - Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tubbataha Reef is home to very beautiful coral reefs. Never been to this place, since I love to surf online and view random things, this wonder caught my attention. I remember I even considered living here... hahaha not as a fish though. The sites are absolutely amazing—visually excellent, the topography was not too challenging, few strong currents, and biodiversity was great.

Bohol - I must say, another one of Philippine’s pride. They are over 1,200 hills, covering over 50 sq. km and got their name because the grass which covers the hills turns brown during the dry season. The hills are almost all conical in shape and made of limestone. To note: Many people believe that they are human creations. Lots of theories appeared that they are made of something but all those stuffs are unsure.

Hundred Island, Pangasinan -It's in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. They are actually “ancient corals that extend well inland”. Of all the islands, only three are actually developed for tourism: Governor Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island. The place is awesome and the souvenirs are fantabulous, I have personalized items. More to develop yet the beauty itself is a wonder's best competitor. haha battle of wonders must say.

Underground River of Puerto Princessa - Nothing to say because this place is iconic as it ruled the world. The Underground River is the longest subterranean river in the world, extending 8.2 km underground. Over 2 km is accessible to the public. The Underground River is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site, but was named as one of the Earth’s New7Wonders of Nature.

The last but definitely not the least cause this is my Top 1.

Lake Sebu - Imagine yourself paddling into sparkling pristine water...embrace with the beauty of lotus and lilies greeting you along the way... A place where you'll hear songs from the winds and the whisper of grasslands... Isn't it relaxing? I know you're not going to a place to spend summer just to relax, it is part yet the most important thing is to enjoy and explore adventure.

It’s a promising summer and definitely More Fun at Lake Sebu as it gives you an irresistible hot offer you should not miss! Paving the way to a sizzling summer escapade for you and your family as Lake Sebu has a lot to offer. Why go spend time touring yourself to several destinations to see all the wonders of the Philippines if you can have it all in one? Think of a much-deserved vacation.

Touring Lake Sebu is fun. Visiting T'boli tribe which are the natives in Lake Sebu. Heading to their Princess museum, where you can actually buy original handmade items, all we're unique and authentic. Be mesmerized as you watch them present their music and perform their cultural dance... The T’bolis are also known for their incredible craftsmanship on tinalak weaving and brass making.

Lake Sebu will surely satisfy your eyes and your heart as well. A blossoming green destination, it offers many delights for nature lovers. I tried the lake boating, and even eat in their one of a kind floating restaurant.

The adventures are not done yet. I always ecstatic when I see Lake Sebu's famous 7 falls. A series of 7 different falls showcasing its own unique magnificence, truly a Lake Sebu star attraction. The Dongon 7 Waterfalls. The place is enticing. But if you're a little more of extreme yet, still want to experience and see how beautiful Lake Sebu is, an exhilarating zipline ride would satisfy your adrenaline rush. This is Philippine's longest and highest zipline giving screaming riders a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the majestic falls while flying across lush forest trees.

Even at night, Lake Sebu fogs will hug you with a cold fresh mountain air, serenade from the sweet hum of birds, blended with crickets (instant lullaby) and ending your day with a peaceful relaxing good night sleep.

What are you waiting for? Gear yourself up and experience the one of a kind summer fever at Lake Sebu as it is often named the Summer Capital of the Southern Philippines.

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Winning while enjoying your best summer vacation.

These are by no means official but these are made by nature and are some of the top tourist destinations in my country. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Philippines, choose Philippines.
If you are fond of traveling and visiting other places, Philippines is the place to be.
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