Giveaway Alert! PF x Manels Shopping Treat

5:31 PM
No one wants to be out of trend!
Us Filipino even in our own little way we make sure that we always keep ourselves in track, trendy and fashionable.

Until now I am still enjoying the bliss I have in my heart after winning the blog contest. Thank God. Now, to spread the good vibes to all my readers who keep supporting Pages Flipper, time to serve again a giveaway that you surely want’s to grab. This time around it is duly sponsored by one of the leading brand in the country; a dynamic brand that marked the fashion industry. I am talking about MANELS.

Manels came a long way now and it is really evident how far they've got as they invade the whole nation with their markable innovative designs with keen touch of creativity; soft fabrics that keeps you on-the-go, slim fit foot-wears that pushes out the sexiness inside you and indeed a brand that will surely rock your passion in fashion. Not to mentions, they also have items that prove to everyone that simplicity is beauty. Manels became one of the strongest friendly competitors of the other brand.

To give a brief background about Manels:

Since 1964, Manels has been making premium leather goods through time-perfected techniques of craftsmen & skilled artisans. Whether classic styles for everyday use or for glammed up special occasions, Manels is synonymous with the best in leather.

Talking about bags, shoes and leather goods? Manels is the name.
Check out their sites for more details:

Manels never settle on something they already have, they always have something new to offer and something that no other brands has. Elevating the brand to other’s with their latest collections.

I guess, the products they have does not tell any story but the whole Manels tells a tale of success in fashion world.

I, myself is excited to do a fashion blogging about their clothes soon. So, you better watch out for it because it may happen this month. Now for the giveaway, since we're talking about fashion and creativity, let's make this contest creative as well. The mechanics and instructions are very easy; all you have to do is to read carefully to avoid confusion. This contest will end on July 30, 2012 11:59pm and I will announce the winners before the month ends.

If you're ready, without much further ado you can start now!


1. Subscribe via Email (see widget on the sidebar after "CONTACTS" make sure to verify your email add)

2. Follow me on GFC (see "FOLLOWERS" below and click "Join this site")

3. Follow @iheartGEM and @marksig_manels Twitter

Tweet this:
"Win Manels Shopping Treat by @marksig_manels & @iheartGEM at Join now @____ & @____"
(Make sure to mention two (2) of your friends every time you tweet.)

4. Like MANELS on Facebook

Post this as a status:
"Win Shopping Treat from @Manels and Pages Flipper at Join now @_____, @_________ & @_____"
(Don’t forget to tag MANELS and three (3) of your friends every time you post this as a status. Entry should appear at Manels Facebook page as well.)

5. Answer this question: "Why you deserve to win a shopping treat from Manels?"


1. Follow all the mechanics
2.. Comment below using this format; make sure to fill in the necessary info/s.

  • NAME:
  • EMAIL:
  • GFC Name:
  • FACEBOOK Name:
  • ANSWER: [Answer to the question above]

If you tweet and post fb status twice or more, make sure to comment below your tweet link, fb status link and still follow comment format above. Tweet and post every day for a bigger chance of winning.

I tweet and post fb status twice, do I need to comment my NAME, EMAIL, GFC Name, FACEBOOK Name, TWITTER ID again? or the links only?
YES, You have to comment again together with your NAME, EMAIL, GFC Name, FACEBOOK Name, TWITTER ID and your new tweet link and status link. Reason for this is to easily verify your entry; this will also give you a higher chance of winning and will give you additional points on your entry but just make sure that each tweet and status link/s is/are unique.

There are 3 winners and each winner will receive Manels gift certificates each
[OPTIONAL] Each winner will receive Nivea Gift packs [winner/s must cover the shipping fee]

To all, good luck and don’t forget to spread the goods news here.

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  1. leyza breena leyson
    leyza zabala leyson
    i deserve to win a shopping treat from Manels because having Manels makes me wanna ask for more!!With Manels,you've got everything!


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