POPJUNKLOVE: I loved what I have

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Popjunklove is a must say one of the best personalized art craft store online as they offer you best hand made products. I, myself admit and envy the creativity of the people behind Popjunklove. I know it's not new to you who and what Popjunklove is because they are one of my lovely partners here in my blog who took part during my Birthday Giveaways last May. 38 lucky winners received awesome prizes from different online stores including Popjunklove, that's why I am very much thankful to the whole team behind Popjunklove.

To refresh your mind, here's a brief background about POPJUNKLOVE:

Celebrating the DIY spirit, POPJUNKLOVE was created by us- Maan and Roma Agsalud, two bickering (but craft-loving) sisters who are obsessed with pop culture, vintage finds, ukay-ukays, DVD marathons and siomai.

Company Overview

POPJUNKLOVE started out as our small business project involving handmade tee-embellishments and shirt-pins. With that, our love of crafting developed and began to take on a life of its own. As a result, the line up of our creations extended to making scrabble pillows, shape monsters and plushies.

We created this online store to house all of our original, handmade goods and make them available for purchase by the public.While we try to juggle DIY projects with our day jobs, we see to it that every last piece of our creation is a work of craftsmanship and love.

PopJunklove continue invading the whole nation with its uniqueness and innovative art crafts. Thinking beyond possibilities. Imagine how unused clothes turned into a beautiful fashion items. Left-over bottle caps from soft-drinks transform into cute necklaces. Unused toys turned awesome accessories, well; only keen creative minds can do that.

Aside from fashion accessories they also have stuff toys that you will surely loved to have. Like this cute 4 devils who invades the heart of the world with their cuteness and charm as they sing Banana. I even got addicted to the song though I can't understand what the meaning of it is; I just loved the melody.

Not only that, they also have the famous "The Avengers" stuff toys.

I'm sure you want to own one or many of their products; you surely can because the price is very affordable. But, yours truly is too lucky enough to have a privilege of enjoying shopping online at Popjunklove online store. This was after winning Rhea the sole owner of Etallasa partnered with Popjunklove giveaways on her blog. I got 1000 worth gift certificate to spend. Indeed, I loved and enjoyed it.

Here are the items I got from their collections:

Cute alphabet block necklace with letter "R" on it is my first choice, the R represent my first name. I already used the item while I sneak out yesterday.

Black and Pink lomo necklaces; awesome camera fashion items where you can see images as well inside while pointing its lense on light.

Baby munchkins; cute small stuff toys. I put them on my computer tower.

Gold personalize twisties names. My nickname is on it "GEM".

I really loved what items from Popjunklove I have right now. You will appreciate them more if you have it on hands than seeing them on photos. So, what are you waiting for? Better to grab your own Popjunklove items now. Be fashionable and trendy with Popjunklove creative hand craft.



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