Thrifty.Thread: Fashion your Phone with Artsy Cases

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Fashion is not only for people; Phones do have their fashion also.

Too lucky I am to received an email from Kristyl the sole owner of Thrifty.Thread. It was indeed a surprised for me; our conversation and business talk about collaboration ends well.

Before giving review about the case lets have to know first Thrifty.Thread and the store has to offer:

THRIFTY.THREADS KP Ricarde's Online Tiangge is an Online shop that sells items that are in very good condition at a very low price. Do the shopping and leave all the doings to the like what they're tagline telling us. " JUDGE THE QUALITY, NOT THE PRICE"

Be trendy with the latest cell phone accessory styles, and shop for Discount cell phone accessories. Make your phone fun with sparkly, dangly, funky and cute cell phone cases that fits your IPHONE3G/3GS, IPHONE4G/4S, IPOD TOUCH,BLACKBERRY AND SAMSUNG MOBILE Phones.

To know more about them, pls do visit their pages.

All items are unique, stylish which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Each style is in limited quantity, so get whatever you like before they are gone.

And now for the review:

The design that Thrifty.thread sent to me is the “SLIPPERS PLASTIC CASE FOR IPHONE 4/4S” design which to my surprise, drew lots of comments on my friend's post, mainly from just our common friends as well. They all seemed to really like the design and I’d have to agree with them. It’s very eye catching and definitely makes a statement. Though it's simple yet captured the attention of others. Before I get too much into the design though, let me first talk about the case itself.

The case is a very slim, form-fitting case. It’s made out of some sort of plastic and isn’t very thick. It’s hard enough to be protective, but soft enough where you can twist it a bit. The interior of the case since its rubberized it feels soft to touch that really suited for iPhone. The outside of the case is just the same on its interior but it has a slipper strap on it. It may not be very protective but what it lacks in protection, it makes up for in style and attention. Seriously if you are looking for a case that will get you looks, Thrifty.Thread has and does the job flawlessly. I've already had so many compliments on this case that I’m willing to overlook its shortcomings just because people come up to me asking about it. Actually my friends, so I just told them to grab their own case. hahaha

Case: Black
Strap: Red

The SLIPPERS PLASTIC CASE FOR IPHONE 4/4S from Thrifty.Thread are now available in 3D version.

As seen above not only the iPhone case Thrifty.Thread sent to me but with strap also; the Android Silicon hand strap.

Android silicon strap is now available in 10 colors.

Not only these items are available at Thrifty.Threads KP Ricarde's Online Tiangge online store; there are more!

Check out their store on Fb for more items and I'm pretty sure you will like it.



Thrifty.Threads KP Ricarde's Online Tiangge has now a brand new Aryca Waterproof Case For iPhone 4S. To view deets click here: ARYCA WATERPROOF CASE
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