Zalora Philippines: The Wise One Stop Shop!

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Welcome to Zalora!
The one stop online shop. Zalora aims to give shoppers a way to browse and buy products in the easiest way possible and at the best prices having over 10k products you can choose from. Providing you the most convenient way to enjoy life as a shopaholic. No matter what the products are Zalora provides for a more successful online experience to all its shoppers.

Worry less for this since wherever you are, you can shop at Zalora since online stores are usually available 24 hours a day, and many consumers have Internet access both at work and at home. Other establishments such as internet cafes and schools provide access as well. A visit to a conventional retail store requires travel and must take place during business hours. Zalora is hitting what is convenient to all its costumers.

Zalora also provide great information on each of all items displayed in the store; not only their live online chat with the Zalora experts but also us Z Ambassadors can help you in a way. We are not just giving the product knowledge but also helping you to decide on what to buy. You can even browse at Zalora to see reviews from bloggers.

Read my post confirming my membership as Z Ambassador:

Free Express Shopping for all your Purchases

First Time:

For first time buyers, just sign up to become a member and received an instant 250 discount for a minimum purchase of 500php. Isn't it cool? Well better to rush yourself 'cause Zalora will not only can give you what's in there but on whats beyond your expectations. First timers will be guided by the step by step shop experience throughout to complete your purchase.

Also, we recommend you to read about Zalora and the FAQ.

Easy Shopping:

Easy shopping wherein you can decide what brands, items, price and the like you would like to be display on your browser. If you're not decided to buy the item/s yet but you like it? Then, do click "add to wishlist" this will help you intact all the items you wish to buy while still on the process of making a decision. Note: Shoes and clothing sizes will always vary - for example, a shoe might not fit. At ZALORA, we accept returns within 30 days after you receive your goods.

See my Wishlist here: My Zalora Wishlist

Payments and Shipping:

Payment can be simply made by cash on delivery, direct debit, over the counter, credit card and PayPal. After a successful order, you are informed about the current status of your order. You will then receive a tracking number with which you can follow up their order until delivery. They have Z riders who can deliver your items within 3 hours but for Vis-Min it will arrive not more than 48 hours.

As mention above: SHIPPING is FREE

If you wish that you want to be guided properly, don't hesitate to contact costumer service hotlines provided on the page so as talk and do live chat with Zalora experts online.

Don't also forget to check Zalora E-zine.

Click here to shop: ZALORA PHILIPPINES
Use the generated voucher code below to get the discount.

Again, enjoy shopping at Zalora 'cause everything you need are in there. Shop now at Zalora, get the 250 discount voucher; or you can also shop at Zalora using my generated code: GemTadefa

*Would like to thank Golden ABC for providing my outfit on the photo below!
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