Closing my 2012 Curtain!

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I don't remember of getting a Christmas gifts as much as I received this year. Never ever in my dreams to dreamt about of getting such presents from unknown people; literally unacquainted. I can't clearly see what I got before but one thing is for sure it's not that much as what you think it is. On our religion, we really don't celebrate Christmas that's why we don't have exchange gift like other families do but in respect to the tradition - we actually do a little celebration. A simple gathering inside the house. Anyway, for us this is just another night with clamor of fireworks and other firecrackers as background.

As said, I have this very bountiful Christmas I haven't experienced before. I even don't know how to start saying thank you to all but will try to give thanks from the bottom of my heart. This year is my turning point; being a blogger turned my life around and in a way gain respect and honor over the cyber network. The time I started blogging, I was nothing but little by little I am someone. I even can't explain how overwhelming it is as my life phasing was so fast; from here to there. Being a neophyte in this field, on the spot where the shaky ground is, all you have to do is to compete with others. I somehow find competition irrelevant but I found out that it is a total package after you start molding passion on what you're doing. Passion - loving what you're doing at the same time you are competing with others in a very productive way which makes you an expert on your craft.

This post is meant on telling you all how I loved what happened to me for the past 12 months for the year 2012.

First Quarter - Nothing's big happened yet everything went so awesome. After meeting my close-up Friends online; we've been doing a conference every night till dawn. It's been our routine for a couple of months before parting to each others because of our own priorities in life; schooling and work. I created Quotable Quotes; a page on facebook where famous quotes from famous people around the globe are posted. Got also the chance to watch Anne Curtis - Annebisyosa concert; way too close on the stage.

I formally start serious blogging on this blog and wrote random stuff playing in my mind; all were actually about love and stuff the like just in celebration to the love month. On this month, Pages Flipper starts joining online blog contest and luckily won on the said giveaways.

Things went uneasy for me as I start schooling plus I have to manage this blog but still doing multi-task was as hard as what I think it was. I even got to the point where I wrote al my blog post on a piece of paper so the time I have the chance to go online, I just type it away and publish in an instant. It became my routine for the next 2 or 3 months.

Second Quarter - Summer is definitely more fun! Instead of going out and party, I indulged myself in different activities our locality has like literary program and stuff the like. That I can say my very productive month of the year yet I still can consider December as productive because it is wrap with success and happiness. Second quarter is a bit tough on me, I left blogging for awhile to focus on my craft plus I have to work. My mom was in the hospital and I don't even have the chance to myself to have a good rest that I badly deserved.

Third Quarter - A bit awesome. Finished my schooling, also graduated on my language proficiency training. Back to normal. Started reviewing products from different online stores; blessing are continuously pouring; I got friends who support me. Everything are smooth.

Blogging becomes so productive on me. I became Zalora Philippines Brand Ambassador and even get the chance to wear clothes from different clothing online. I met new people online and email was flooded by opportunity and blessings.

Fourth Quarter - Events and more events are coming in my way. Invited from different occasion around the city and was so happy they noticed me and my blog. Lucky also to officially part of the elite league of blogger around South Central Mindanao.

Met new people who have the same craft as mine. Blogging career elevates from its normal rank. December made me the busiest person in the universe. I almost beg to achieve rest. LOL

My 2012 made possible because of you guys, my dear readers. Thank you so much for the unending support as a certified flipper!

I'm going to look back on 2012 as my transition year - the year I learned how to make it on my own; the year I really and truly grew up. I'm going into 2013 with such a wildly different mindset than last year, and I like it. I'm not just faking feeling positive - I feel positive! I'm genuinely excited to see what the year will bring.

2012 was one hell of a roller coaster ride for me complete with double loops and hair-raising moments. But, it was definitely a year with bountiful blessings that I’m thankful for.

Good luck to everyone in 2013 - you can do it! You're worth it!

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