PF x DolcespressivoShoppe Christmas Giveaway!

6:26 AM
Christmas to me is time that I'm able to spend with family and friends catching up on times that we weren't able to have. It's not about presents as a lot of kids think. It's about enjoying the time you have on this Earth. But most importantly it's about forgetting those bad feelings you might have about someone and celebrating the birth of Christ, Jesus, with the world no matter who you are.

According to St. Paul kingsville; Christmas is the church's celebration of the Incarnation, the supreme mystery that the holy and almighty God took on human flesh and was born in this world of the Virgin Mary.  God became one of us in order to die for us and save us from sin, death, and the power of the devil.  A mystery this profound can't be contemplated in just one day.  This is why the church pauses during Advent to prepare for the Lord's coming.  This is also why Christmas extends for a period of twelve days and leads directly into the breathtaking festival of the Epiphany, the day and season the church sets aside to ponder the many ways Christ revealed Himself to the world as God Incarnate.

But above all Christmas is about fun and love. It's about enjoyment and celebration and in celebration of that and in collaboration with our lovely new blog sponsor; we are now serving you a big Giveaway this Christmas that for surely you badly want to have. Christmas is about giving and sharing.

As being said, this giveaway is duly sponsored by DolcespressivoShoppe Online. The contest will run throughout the yuletide season and there is only 1 winner who will take home all the prizes.

To know more about their shop, check out my post here:
All you have to do is "to-do-it-all" on our rafflecopter widget. This time around we will no longer give consideration. The person who follow all the mechanics and all his/her entries are valid are only allowed to be raffle off.

I will no longer notify the winner via email but rather he/she must check the page from time to time to know if he/she win the game. More details will be discuss during the announcement. To everyone, good luck to all and have a Merry Christmas!
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