the MONDAY blues

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"It is Monday once again. The first day of work. Not really a great day for me. Still not yet over with that long weekend. I feel so sleepy and tired. Right now, I really want to go home and sleep and call it a day!" This is what I often hear and read everywhere every time Monday strikes; others call it part of Monday sickness, yet others call it a Monday blues but either ways, do you ever have a Monday blues? How do you deal with it?
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Let me start by telling that am actually not experiencing such thought for I think this idea only applies to the working people and some lazy heads students. They aren't sick, they just feeling terribly lazy for a Monday and maybe it is because of having a hard time to get started again but for me -I love Monday.

I somehow understand the feeling that before Monday, we had these two glorious days off doing stuff we chose to do. Now we are back at work and doing stuff other people are telling us to do, unless you're the boss yet still suffering from Monday blues. Indeed, this made everyone the most difficult transition after all.

So how can we get rid this feeling? Here are some of the motivations by Growing Happiness to help us beat the Monday blues:

  • Early start - bad things happen when you are late, the tension level is high, you are in a rush, you don’t have time for breakfast, when you arrive at your office, and people are shoving work into your face. It may seem like a punishment to wake up earlier on Monday but trust me, when you have enough time to organize yourself, you’ll feel like you can conquer the day easier.
  • Wear your best clothes or the cheeriest color from your wardrobe. You’d be surprise how much your clothes could affect the way you feel about yourself.
  • Laugh and smile. Recall happy memories or a good joke. If you can’t think of any, do it anyway (fake it till you make it) Some research is saying that even the thought of laughing raises your endorphin (feel-good hormones) levels and a fake laughter provides similar benefits to a real one.
  • Affirmative statements – Today is a great day. I will complete my report today. Stick positive messages around your monitor and take them seriously.
  • Choose to feel happy. If you don’t already know, being happy is a choice, so choose happiness!

By adjusting the way you view your experience, you have the ability to be happy on a Monday. You have to take some of the control back and make yourself feel good. I’m not talking about eating chocolate cake. I’m talking about doing small things that can redirect your focus. By this, you'll be experiencing Monday blues no more.

How do you cope with your Monday blues? Share your thoughts about the phenomenon and how you cope with the first-day blues in the comments section. Have a great week ahead and Cheers!
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