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If you are new to online shopping then you will need to know how to start, where to go, how to find the best offers, how to pay for your purchases and how to shop safely online. But unlike me since I'm into online shopping, selling and stuff the like, I already know the game of e-commerce. When you shop online it’s very similar to shopping by catalogue but instead of looking at items on pages you view them on your monitor and choose products either by glancing through the online index or by using the search facility which many online stores have. It would be a great help for you by helping you lessen the burden of wasting time and effort since online shopping is indeed very convenient way and I must admit I don't go to mall 'cause by just using my fingertips I can tour around the biggest mall in the world and that is located online.

Here in the Philippines, we have a lot of online shops where everyone loves to buy the stuff they like but when we say online marketplace that literally welcoming shop rats, well I guess there is no other name or way than visiting Sulit.com.ph. Just in case you missed, you better start your year right with Sulit.com.ph. Let us know a little knowledge about them first before listing to you my 10 SULIT MUST- HAVE's items from them and later you will as well.

Sulit.com.ph is a buy and sell website catering primarily to the Filipino market. You are free to look for an item that you want to buy, hire, rent, lease, or even swap for another item. Browse through the millions of advertisements posted on the site and get a really overwhelming variety of options! Of course, classified ads on Sulit are not limited to products or items only; there are also services, jobs, earning opportunities, and simply everything you might ever need! That's how vast the parameter of awesome online e-business that you will experience. -And to note, It is the leading online classified ads and marketplace in the Philippines.

Without further ado, here's my 10 SULIT MUST HAVE's:

1. iPad Mini: Light, easy and convenient. First things on my mind, thinking why I so wanted to have an iPad Mini. One of best gadget for normal life. Another thing, I want to have this because if not all but some of my friends have already their own ipad mini.

2. Galaxy Note II: A mobile that best suited to bloggers like me who loves to go online always and want to update my readers and other blog followers about the things that might be of importance to them that I get the chance to experience and share to them. I actually find Galaxy Note II a genius and a very innovative invention.

3. Samsung Wb100: A good slr camera to take with you on your travels and events on my part. It provides a decent feature set with its 26x zoom, Dual IS, Live Panorama and photo effects, with the only letdown being the sluggish performance and slightly obtrusive notification screens. It’s already quite a deal for the features it can give you. So, I'm very much looking forward to have this one.

4. Mac Book Air: It's finally the laptop I've been waiting for; light enough to carry around everywhere, while quick enough to do what I want it to do. Being a blogger I go to different events and places and I guess having this laptop with me will be an ease of burden since as said it is so thin to carry around.

5. Huawei Pocket Wifi: Easy to carry wherever I go and the functionality just fit me. I can easily connect it to my mobiles phones and uses them to create a WiFi network that I can connect any WiFi enabled device to. Since I'm into blogging, no mater where I go, if I'm in the mood to blog or even just want to go online... This pocket wifi can really helps me a lot.

6. Reversible Bag: I know I might seem childish but I think it's adorable and maybe could be a head turner since I know if not all many of us loves the Adventure Time. So, I guess apart from its reversible, the design is a must have as well.

7. Fila Skeletoes: I'm not a runner or a sporty guy but I've been eyeing to this item for a couple of days now after I personally encountered it inside the mall. For me, the overall design and materials seem very well done, but something got lost in the details but what's important is my very main point of choosing this shoes and that is for walking and running and to form essential muscles to support my body.

8. Siberian Husky: As far as I know though they look like wolves, they are not aggressive as what others think they are. In facet they can be well exercised to any environment, and given lots of work, they can be an excellent family pet. They're extremely affectionate, while also independent. Highly intelligent and full of stamina, they are the perfect candidates for training and outdoor activities... indeed perfect for me as I am gearing up and looking for a work out buddy daily. If ever to own one, I will call him "SWEET".

9. LG 32CS560 Full HD 32": My mom actually picked this and we both look forward to have one. I'm pretty sure that this TV will go beyond our expectations and I can't wait to say ""Woooow!"

10. Pet bed: A good bed provides insulation, support for our backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of his own, he gets all of these benefits, and more. Being a pet lover, the concerns on this matter is not only about us but to them as well. So, I can imagine that if ever my pet has his own bed, for sure, he will definitely take advantage the comfort like sleeping all day long. haha

Visit their sites now for more details and latest updates about Sulit.com.ph on:

So what are your 10 Sulit MUST HAVE's? Share it to us now and win an awesome prize from Sulit.com.ph. Five lucky readers will each get P10,000 worth of Sulit.com.ph GC’s! What a way to start your 2013, right?All you have to do is to comment below your Full Name, Facebook profile URL or Twitter ID, and the list of the ten items with the link. See image below for example. Good luck to all of us!
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