One Love, One Dream, One Heart and One Soul....

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Falling in love is a magical experience that happens between two people. I was reading the story below when my cousin interrupted me and asked me: "Kuya, what does love feels like?". She was reading the same text too. I just answer her this way: "When his voice is enough to send a small shiver of what is called 'electricity'* down your spine." LOL! I smile and focus on what I am doing. Anyway, here’s a magical story as two people bound together and share their vows to our dear Lord

One Love, One Dream, One Heart and One Soul
by: Natalie Magpantay

My EX-boyfriend and now my husband, used to stand before God and man making our public commitment to one another, he wish to make it known that he recognized Gods authority over his life which is exercised from God's loving heart. God chose him to be one of His own and since then by his life, he recognizes also that God has blessed him and entrusted him into my life as unearned gift. With those things, Albert take me as his wife, with purpose to love me with Gods love, to provide all my needs through Gods enablement, and to lead him as God leads him, as long as God gives him life, regardless of circumstances. Albert look forward and establishing a home with me where Christ is glorified. Towards that end Albert promise to allow God to use me into his life as He sees best building me into Gods person.

Then I, Natalie take Albert as my husband with greatest joy. Beside the gift of salvation, Albert is the most precious gift I ever had. I know with the new joys God has given me, I face new responsibilities that I cannot fulfill in my own strength. But by God's grace and power working within me, I desire to be trustworthy as Albert’s wife, and to serve and love him in all circumstances and to obey him, and allow I God to use him to build His qualities in me, as long as God give us life on this earth. I praise God continually for Albert as my ex boyfriend and now my husband.  Today we've been together exactly 3 years and 2 moths as married couple and blessed with one wonderful child, a girl names Chanel Andrei. With Gods love.

Three years have passed since I walk down the aisle, remembering holding his hand and together we swore to God at the altar, 3 years of togetherness bound by love the love that was and still blessed by God that no one can separate and no miseries tear us a part. That's our Love, the love that present in us. Today and for the rest of our lives, I am very thankful to the Lord for giving him as my husband the father our baby/s.

My life has never been this special without him, I will never forget that we share our dreams together and now that we raised our own family, I still feel the same. My love for him will never end, I wish for more bliss and blessings from God our family. 

Author's Footnote:

Seven years ago when I was 21 years of age a jolly kikay girl, A out goer girl, bar hopper, barkadera, gimmickera , drinker and smoker. I love dating that time with different men, well known, artists, basketball player etc... I love guys that dating me, but one day I found out to my self I never had a serious relationship. One day I pray and ask God for guidance and to bless me with someone that I can have and to be with for the rest of my life. Then after few weeks I saw a chatroom on television; I found it interesting; so I decided to join and afterwards I post my cell phone number, then this starts another story of my life. That was way back 2005; I met this guy through this chatroom and his name was Albert, a nice guy with lots of sense of humor, pa-miss, sweet and nakakakilig. We became friends through text, then suddenly we just realize that we like each others and decide to become lovers. From November 5, 2005; exactly 4yrs and 2 days of our relationship as lovers, to November 7, 2009 at 4:30 in the afternoon, at San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila this church became our witnesses of our exchange of vows, together with the presences of our love ones, families, relatives, friends, co-employees, barkadas and a lot more... That day God unite us as one....

As our marriage brings new meaning of love and that love brings new life, love fills the moment and the moment fills the eternity, love fills a lifetime and lifetime brings dreams for filling our lives with the music and to love one another without end...

This is our story with One Love, One Dream, One Heart and One Soul....
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