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Let’s talk about the wardrobe essentials in a man’s closet. If you are on a quest to improving your image and upgrading your look a bit, these should point you in the right direction. The good news is that you don’t require many items of clothing to diversify your look and look different everyday. The secret is in the mixing and matching. Make sure your clothes are interchangeable so that you can ring the changes on the combinations.

Men always tend to go for one size up and their clothes will therefore appear creased and unfitting. Try on a size down. It’s everything about the fit. If it’s too large, have it altered. I am not suggesting you should wear figure-hugging clothes unless you insist on looking like an X chromosome, but nonetheless, if you have a toned up body, it will enhance your frame.

The colors – to be safe, darker colors are better for the office environment, but colors are great to add dimension to your style. Men with high-contrast skin and hair will afford to mirror the same with their clothes; deep colors go well with darker skins or hair. Fair headed men will go for lighter colors. Your clothes should be an extension of your skin and complement your face.

Quality comes first. Perhaps an investment at first but it will last you longer. Building a wardrobe takes time so patience should be factored into the equation.

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With that, the compulsory white shirt (100% cotton). If you have a light complexion and a muted contrast (skin vs hair) go for cream /off white. Pure white is better for medium to high contrast faces. Polo shirts, t-shirts always work well when formality is not necessary. Four t-shirts will be indispensable and a couple of polo shirts will be in your closet.

Your dress shirts will be solid in colors mixed with other check / pattern shirts. Above all, make sure they fit you. Point collar or button-down shirts will add to the mix. Three solid colors and three patterned shirts will get you with plenty of options of staying good.

The shoes break the man. If you think shoes are the last thing people notice because they will never look down on you. You’re wrong. Women will look down on you if your shoes are unstylish, cheap and utilitarian. Make the effort to invest in a good pair. They will stand you in good stead. And you will love them for that.

The black color is always a safe choice and of course more formal. Dark brown works well but not with black tie. Lighter browns are great but your trousers should follow suit by being lighter in shade. Laces shoes are the most formal version, Chelsea boots add a touch of coolness while being stylish.  As a rule, you should never wear your shoes two days consecutively to let the leather dry and rest. Have at least three pairs in your wardrobe. From the most formal to the less formal. Choose leather sole for quality. Converse are great for weekend and casual wear.  Oxfords are a safe bet for the office. (BLOGGED: Real Men Wear Boots, Kick Spotting at Zalora Philippines)

Sweaters and Cardigans can be worn over shirts, t-shirts. Have a couple of dark colors and lighter hues to mix with your jeans or chinos.  The V-neck is a good option, as it can elongate a man’s torso as opposed to the crew neck. (BLOGGED: Dolces Online; Union Jack Cardigan)

Don’t forget a few accessories such as a watch. You can find quality, masculine watch for less, and it will add value to your personal brand. Put away you mobile and get yourself a nice watch.

Pocket squares are part of the little details that will add dimension to your suit or jacket.  Belts are also necessary. Match them with the shoes. A couple of pairs of belts is a start. Unless you are short and stocky, go for suspenders, they will elongate your build. (BLOGGED: Fashion Accessories for Men)

If you own a suit, it has to be dark in color.  Fair-headed guys will go for dark blue to soften their countenance while dark-haired men can go for black, if desired. The darker the more formal, this is the rule.  And the more contrast the more authoritative. Single breasted, two to three buttons for the suit with exact same fabric and patterns on trousers.

Hundred per cent worsted wool suits are a good friend while you’ll want to shy away from cheap fabrics. The suit should be well cut and enhance your look.  Two suits in your closet is a start. The number one item in a man’s closet is arguably a stylish, tailored suit. Go for a close fit in a classic silhouette with contemporary features. The suit should complement your body shape, posture and the natural way you move. If you feel the urge to express yourself, do it subtly via the pocket shape, inside lining or buttons.

The sport jacket or blazer is the most versatile item of clothing. Dark blue colors go well with anything. You can dress it up with a tie, a pocket square and a pair of loafers on. Dress it down to have a drink with your friends, with a pair of denim, converse on and button-down shirt. You make it what you want to be. The blazer is essential.

A good sports jacket is a weekend-wear essential. Throw this on to complete almost any smart casual look. Select a fabric that is more textured and rough to breakaway from the daily “office suit” look, hence the traditional popularity of tweed worn during weekend getaways in the country. Another good tip is to pick a coat in a lighter material if you want to stretch wearing it over a few seasons. Ralph Lauren, the king of American prep, is a great place to start looking for one.

The above is the bare minimum but in order to build your wardrobe, you should have the wardrobe essentials. Be patient, and add an item of clothing that can complement another garment to expand your wardrobe. The fun starts here.

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