Singles should DO on Valentine's Day

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Don't stay at home and pout. Stay at the corner and go emo. If you don't have a date, the no worries, this season is more fun as it is for couples. The celebration of Valentine's Day is not limited to lovers but includes any and everyone loved by us, be it our parents, siblings, children, friends, relatives or dear ones. The concept and how it is being promoted to each one of us resulted that the said celebration is intended for lovers which make no sense at all, thus, in true sense, the side of reality, Valentine's Day celebrates love in general regardless of any status you have.

Though this is a season of exchanging flowers, chocolates and sweet letters; a way of expressing love, admiration, infatuation or romance. Don't allow this to evoke your feelings of loneliness and self doubt just because you're dateless. You're not alone 'cause even I while writing this post thinking of how to cope up with this day of so-called survival mode for singles.

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As said, Valentine's Day is not for couples or lovers only but also for singles who are enjoying the fiery desire of love to our dear ones. So, don't go blues because Valentine's Day is a celebration of love for all of us.

Go through here... I don’t know if these are tips but I'm sure these can help you in a way on how to celebrate Valentine's Day without worrying your relationship status. Single's rocks more than couples or lovers.

1. "It's nice to be single!" So, let that define you as your identity. Do not define yourself with your relationship status.

2. Think of all the money you are saving. Since you're single, you are no require to give flowers, chocolates or even prepare an expensive date. Think that this is just another day; not a bout love or relationship.

3. Get together with people who do love you -- friends, family members, and the people who already have relationships with you. Time to party, not to be senti. So get your ass up and celebrate it as a Single's get-together party,

4. Go out and treat yourself. Enjoy and call it your “Me Day” and don't mind people or put any wall, just go out and have fun. No one will even notice. They are all too busy crying and whining because they are not in -- or sometimes because they are in -- a relationship.

5. Do the usual things you do daily. It will all be over soon.

Hope you all like these tips and this post. So singles, you know what to do now. Smile and kick a party.
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