Giordiano Philippines - The Male Linen Collection

9:39 PM
We just welcomed the season to get fit and sexy; and a good time for outdoor activities like vacationing, swimming or simply lazing on the beach, -but what we always almost forget is the summer fashion. Every summer, another advantage is that you can wear anything you want, even a short sleeved shirt and pants at night would be enough but am not telling you that you have to settle on that. Spice up your look. One thing to do that is not just on what outfit to wear, but what fabric that best suit for the season. Linen. This is just one of the details most of us tend to forget. I came across the web and I saw Giordiano Philippines new collections, the Linen Collection. This got my interest since it is so timely that they released such. It summer though.

Linen is a classic summer fabric because of its fabric structure. It is usually a little coarser than fine merino wool or cotton fibers. Light, elegant yet with a deliciously natural feel to it, linen lends itself well to light weight summer dressing. Indeed, a good fabric for summer. Linen clothes don't just make you look good but makes you feel comfortable as well. Having said that Giordiano PH created a new collection to serve our needs.

As mentioned, presenting Giordiano Philippines new Male Linen Collection.


If you're planning to wear linen, then wear  Giordiano. Catch them online for more updates and latest fashion finds:

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Yes summer does bring hot temperatures but there are ways to enjoy yourself during the summer that you can’t in the other seasons of the year. Isn’t summertime nice? I guess Giordiano Philippines is nicer. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to any Giordiano Philippines boutiques near you. Enjoy shopping!

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