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I know some of you here already know what is, or Lazada Philippines, as it is one of the most leading online shops in the country. If not all, then most of you haven't tried it yet to purchase on the said online shop. Then, worry no more as I help you on how to shop at with my How To Shop at Lazada with a step by step shopping procedure.

First thing to do of course is to open your browser, then navigate to In no time, this will lead you to Lazada Philippines online shop. On the HOME page, you can already navigate the whole site yet it won’t allow you to purchase anything since you have to Register first, if done already, you can now Log in to the site and start shopping.

 Upon logging in to the site, you will be redirect back to the HOME page as seen in the picture.

Then that’s the time you can start touring around the online mall with the use of your fingertip. Seen on the left side is the CATEGORIES where the products being categorized according to their tags like for Fashion, Home, Appliances and Gadgets to name some.

Since I'm looking for some kicks, I clicked Fashion and Accessories, then Men's Shoes. After clicking, you will see a vast selection of shoes from ordinary sneakers to boots to formal wear. I picked a typical sneak out shoes for an on-the-go outdoor event.

It’s a U.S. Star Steve Sneaker (black). Good thing in picking an item at Lazada is that you can actually know or acquaint the product you are buying first by reading the item specifications, description and even read others review about it. Not only shoes but also, I bought a Micro SD 8GB card and a Massage Bath Sponge.

A pop out box will appear, every time you click Buy the Product on every item you choose, and this will serve as your shopping cart. If you got any coupon, enter it inside the coupon box to generate discount. You can choose to Continue Shopping by clicking the "X" button of the box or Proceed to Checkout.

Billing section is up next or the last step page in shopping at Lazada. There are three (3) steps that you have to do; first is to fill in your personal info in where to ship the parcel or the products you buy, second is the mode of payment and third is the confirmation of order. If already done with all three steps, click submit order.

One thing to bear in mind on the step two (2) is that it has two ways on paying your total price of purchased; Credit Card or Cash On Deliver. Seen on the image above "No Payment" its because I used a special code given by Lazada Team to purchase on the site for free.

Tada! That's it. A message will appear next confirming that you shop experienced is successful and your order was successfully received by Lazada.

You may check your email in few minutes for the confirmation receipt of your order.

This post is to be updated the soonest, when I got the items I just purchased on hand.
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