Little Bangkok; Big Cocktails Experience!

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It's a personal experience that when I usually go to bars with friends, it’s either we go for a hard drink or just a bottle of beer; then I realize that I've been missing something. Well I guess, I just don't know my drinks. Do you? There are plenty of times that I've been left feeling a little flat, though I have had perfectly good drinks, in perfectly good bars. Actually, one minor problem with party goers is that GenSan has only few bars to choose from of where to go and enjoy the rest of the night compared to other city in the country, however, it’s understandable since the city is still booming. There are also other days however that you don’t want the night to end because everything keeps getting better and better. Sometimes it simply comes down to the mood you are in and the people you are with but for me there are little touches that also make a big difference.

Now, let me thread that one. Before looking or finding the perfect drink for you. Start with looking for the spot to drink. Why? If you notice that setting is actually playing a big part in your drinking experience. It will actually set your mood. The place. The atmosphere. The details. The bartenders. -And of course, the people you are with.

Not to mention, the DRINKS. Only at Little Bangkok. Indeed, a total package.

Ever since I went to Little Bangkok, I have been fascinated by cocktails. When friends invited me to come over… I always try and make something special with their great ingredients and distinct flavors just like their food.  Actually their foods are sumptuous in flavor bringing the real taste of Thailand food in the city. Leaving your poor tongue watering and wanting for more.

Talking about their cocktails. It’s a drink mixed with two or more substances that contains alcohol. Since, its Little Bangkok, they level up the flavors, ingredients and the presentation of each cocktail they have and all are magically touched by Thailand and Philippines taste.

Here are the other cocktails that you can choose from.

I've been a fan and will not sate on some of the drinks. I know not all but must say most of these cocktails they have in the menu was already tasted by yours truly. So, this is not just a post but a personal experienced. What are you waiting for? Head over to Little Bangkok and enjoy this big cocktails experience.

To know more about Little Bangkok and where it is located, click here.
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