GEOLICA HC-104 Brown & CK-108 Black Contact Lens

7:12 PM
Today I am going to review Geolica PH best selling contact lenses, the HC-104 Brown (2 tone) and CK-108 Black (1 tone). If you can still remember, that just few steps back, I featured the online store itself here in this blog telling what the store (click HERE for the blog feature) can offer to its customers as well as the quality of products they are offering to us. Regarding with the design, they are really distinct on it having from 4 powerful 1 tone color series which set beauty in every eyes wearing Geolica contact lens on a natural look to a very numerous 2 to 3 tones series of vibrant color combinations. So, let’s start reviewing the contact lenses from what they have in common before looking down straight to its fine details individually.

The Packaging:

Unlike other international Geolica stores, their products will be delivered to its customers in a very good packaging, others has a very well presented case on every purchased you made and others has not, however, packaging does not matter at all because what matters most is its main item that we are going to wear. So basically, if you buy Geolica contact lens the only packaging it has is on what you see on the photo above. Good thing about it is that, it is still sealed and secured.

What's in the box:

Two (2) sterile hydrophilic contact lenses (62% Phema and 38% water) stored in a buffered saline solution in two different vials. A contact lens case and manual. I recommend that you have to replace your contact lens storage case at least every three months.

Product Details:
  • Diameter: 14.2
  • Base Curve: 8.50
  • Shell Life: 3 years
  • Lens Span: up to 1 year
  • Manufacturer: South Korea

CK-108 Black

By far, I am amaze how this lens fit naturally to mine, thus, it fits comfortably to my eyes. Seems that the lens comfort level is high which leaves you to feel nothing in terms of eye irritation. Since I got a bit small contact lens, it’s easy for me to wear them on. Seldom experiencing a hard time putting them on because the lens easily slip off to my eye white area, however, if you experience such cases, don't panic, instead close your eyes and massage your eye lid gently. Little by little, the lens itself will perform its own properly going to its right place. Furthermore, one thing I like about this contact lens is that when you wear them on, since its 1 tone black lens, the lens will just appear naturally and gives you more sophistication and angst. I guess, that's how 1 tone series works to us; simple yet pleasing. Elegant.

HC-104 Brown

This lens shows up well in most light and even during night time, it is still noticeable. Its 2 tone colors really combine perfectly. The vibrant brown accent really flash well. Unlike the 1 tone CK-108 Black, this lens fairly comfortable once I used to wearing them yet I love the color as this was the effect I was looking for though the swirly effect of it is not that visually clear as what you can see on their site. Having said that, this lens will still register a good definition on your eyes. It will make you look even younger.


I am very pleased with these lenses and some of my colleagues appreciate me a lot when wearing the lenses specially the black one. Overall my rating for HC-104 Brown lens is 9/10 and for CK-108 Black lens is 8/10. I can attest Geolica is a great store and I highly recommend them to you. Thank you for reading!
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