Calling Canon Users in GenSan!

9:49 PM
Canon is the world's best total imaging provider and Canon PIXMA printers are the perfect fit for your home or for your office. Canon PIXMA is the number 1 in the country for 2 years now and still continuously discovering what they can do and find one to suit you.

Earlier this afternoon at Microtel Gensan  together with the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers, Photographers and some enthusiasts, a Print Like A Pro Seminar by Mr. Jo Avila was held and it is brought to you buy Canon PIXMA Printers in which helps you on how to choose the right printer and how to print like a pro. According to Mr. Jo Avila that there is no such thing as perfect printing or a photo printed 100% correct. However, there is always a .13% (point 13 percent) error on the photo after being printed no matter how pro you are on printing, nonetheless still your photo is well printed. The reason of which is not on the printer, paper, ink, brand, but on the technology itself that can’t print yet perfectly. The seminar also tackled on how to make our photos come to last and keep those memories printed treasured in the long run. Not to mention, a few stitch on doing Photoshop was also discussed.

To those who failed to attend on that said event, don't fret yet. Here's good news to all canon users. Canon Marketing Philippine Inc. will be having a FREE Canon Photoskwela Seminar to all Canon users on July 6, 2013 tomorrow up until July 7, 2013 on Sunday at SM Gensan from 3pm to 5pm with special speakers Mr. Jo Avila (Photography Instructor) and Ely Teehankee (Wild Bird Photography) who are one of the Canon Ambassadors in the Philippines.

To register, interested Canon users should email the following: name, contact details, camera model and serial number to

See you Canon Lovers!
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