Gibi Shoes: Spikes Boots for Men

10:00 AM
From school shoes to corporate and evening wear there is a perfect pair and every size available. Having said that, here's another epitome of comfort and most stylish look from Gibi shoes limited edition: the Spikes Boots for Men.

Fierce is the word that best to describe this spikes boots for men; however, it can surely keep things chill and stylish. Pair it with a skinny jeans and a polo tee for the nice casual get up. This pair looks good as well on denim shorts and semi-fit not so detailed top for an on-the-go fashion. If your boots is red, paired it with a red top also; same-same color is a great combination.

Product Features:
  • Brand Name: Gibi
  • Stock no: DRU-121
  • Price: P3,999.75
  • Item Type: Boots
  • Colors: Black & Blue, Gray and Red & Black
  • Season: All seasons
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • Material Used: Combination of Canvas and Leather
  • Inside: Genuine Leather
  • Quality: Best

The spikes are properly studded, easy to clean boots and most importantly, easy to carry. I'm used to of wearing boots, so maybe that's the reason of why I don't have complain with the weighs. A head turner gear. I may not be using it always for I got the bigger size one. LOL! I have a problem with my shoe size, so playful from 38 to 40. Anyway, here are the other boots colors available:


No matter what designs or cut you've got. It's just like function meets style or would I say, style meets function but either ways that is the model behind reasonably priced yet charmingly fashionable shoes from Gibi Shoes. So, if got no chance of not getting this limited edition studs boots for men, don’t fret, let’s just wish that they hopefully create more for everyone that wants to buy. I'm giving this 9/10 rating because the shoes are comfortable and keep your feet feeling light all day. Not to mention its outstanding design.

Hearty Smile: Surprised. Unexpected. Teary eyed after receiving the gift w/ a super sweet letter:
"Hi Gem! Here's a surprise that will definitely make your day! Gibi spikes shoes.
Too bad that they aren't available in GenSan but good thing is you are 1 of the few who has this..." - Gibi Shoes H/O Manila

Gibi been doing shoes for more than 20 years and still counting. For more updates, visit their sites:
Twitter: @Gibishoes
Instagram: @gibishoes
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