Sarangani MapUp: Mapping Your Adventure

10:00 AM
Using Google Maps you can find a bunch of great deal and useful information. That is why it is a very important resource for everyone to use. It can help us to locate various businesses in a particular area. We can also use the maps to find out how many competitors for a business man for instance he may have for a business idea he is contemplating. The use of satellite images also allows him to be able to look at the exact facility he is considering too. He can use the scroll wheel on his mouse to zoom in as well. Not to mention, double clicking the mouse will do as well. If you have a product or service that can be sold business to business, then this is a great tool that you will find useful. Google Maps is not limited to business use only, thus, it is a platform that can be use by anybody regardless your stand in the society.

Indeed TGIF for the Google Business Group GenSan last July 19, 2013 at the Sarangani Capitol SP Conference Room after another event made successfully. Together with GBG GenSan, Sox Bloggers, volunteer mappers from Alabel National Science High School (under Ariel Lalisan who is also part of the GBG GenSan) and the Provincial Planning Development Office of Sarangan, everyone map out more than 30 places around Sarangani through Sarangani MapUp: Mapping Your Adventure. Grateful to Regional Tourism Council Prexy Michelle Lopez Solon and DOT 12 Regional Director Nelly Nita Dillera for gracing the activity.

Together with Regional Tourism Council Prexy Michelle Lopez Solon and DOT 12 Regional Director Nelly Nita Dillera, GBG -GenSan members: Arial, Sheng, Sir Avel and yours truly awarding the participants their certificate of completion and giving them free Google t-shirt.

Here are our photos during the said event.

Sir Avel Manansala - GBG GenSan Manager formally start the mapping event and give a bit bite on what is GBG, GBG-GenSan and most importantly about the Sarangani MapUp.

Peculiarly threading what is necessary to do and how to use Google Map in mapping out different places in Alabel and around Sarangani. Sir Ariel Lalisan passionately tells us also its importance in today's world.

When Sir Laurence took the liberty to manually show to everyone how to map up a place and how your encoded information being verified.

When Sir Avel stand and uttered what are the possible places that needs to appear on the map.

Because they are too busy mapping out places, they almost forget that we prepared food for them. At the end of this event, they literally take it home. Seriously.

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