Philippine Transit App Challenge - GenSan BootCamp

10:00 AM
Thursday, July 18, 1:30pm at Greenleaf Hotel, San Miguel Street, General Santos City, a Philippine Transit App Challenge - GenSan BootCamp was held together with the Soccsksargen Bloggers, Google Business Group GenSan, developers, designers, hackers, programmers, and i.t. professionals which aims to develop applications based on two new kinds of publicly available data: regularly updated geographic location and service information for all bus, jeepney, and rail routes in Metro Manila, as well as live traffic incident data streams in Manila and Cebu. So basically, it is a national transport application development competition to applications developer/maker enthusiasts hosted by the Department of Transport and Communications, in partnership with the Metro Manila Development Authority and Cebu City Government.

All participants will be given 3-month development period, wherein they can work together with fellow developers and volunteer mentors, to build innovative solutions for the transportation challenges. The finalists will be selected through a combination of on-line voting and the decisions of a judging panel, and a formal awards ceremony where finalists can pitch their entries, will be held in October.

In line with this competition, GBG GenSan and Sox Bloggers are fully on the back of any teams that will represent GenSan on this national competition; reason why this bootcamp being conducted. Not to mention, there were developers from Davao assisted that made this event successful.

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Contest Rules:
  • To participate in this challenge you must agree with the rules stated here, the terms of service, the briefing, and the conditions defined in the AppCircus Terms of Service.
  • The participating apps can be developed in any platform.
  • Participation is open to any developer or firm. However, at least one member of each team must be locally based in the Philippines (i.e., permanent residence).
  • The intellectual rights derived from the app belong to its creator (person, team or company).

For more details about this said competition, visit PHILIPPINE TRANSIT APP CHALLENGE
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