Quick Facebook Tip: Banned User Back To The Group

9:27 PM
Given that this is just a quick post, without extra ado, let’s deal with one of the Facebook problems particularly on its Group feature. The issue is: How to add back a Facebook user whom you might out of the blue block on your Facebook group? Or how can you bring back someone Facebook account after banning him on the group?

To remove a "BAN", the instructions you need to follow are as follows:

  • Ø  Go to your Group
  • Ø  Click "About" (That's after your Group Name)
  • Ø  Tick on the drop-down-arrow by "All Members" (as images load)
  • Ø  Click "Blocked" and find the person on the list   
  • Ø  Hit it off the "Remove Ban" button right after their image                 

Viola! As easy as that!
At this instant, all you have to do is to inform the person by sending them a Facebook Message which include the full-web-address of your GROUP, (just copy the Group-URL) and tell them that the Ban has been lifted.

Tell them to click on the GROUP web-link in the message as sign of invitation to "Join Group" once again.
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