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Few more days and we will be celebrating the yuletide season and for us Filipino, as early as when "BER" months smack, we are by now gearing for this major merriment of the year. Nevertheless as the "BER" months fever kicked in, countless of us specially explorer would fancy splurging it with a blast like doing an escapade hunt. –And that’s what I desire to do this year.

As we all know yuletide is the heat of the season wherein the airport queues, heavy traffic and overweight luggage will test your holiday spirit. Well of course this can’t dampen my plans. I know it’s a little too late to write for a take a trip wish list but this is meant for this season.

I have always been very fascinated in other places and their native cultures. I love travelling and I am really pleased when I get the opportunity to travel around a new place. I have a travel wish list with the names of the cities and countries perhaps that I would like to visit in the future. Actually my list is constantly growing.

–And my travel wish list includes are as follows:

Kalibo (Boracay)

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What’s best about heading to Kalibo, particularly in Boracay is that the merrymaking never stops. It's a never-ending celebration where each one is a party goer. Boracay nightlife is pulsating with many bars and restaurants serving food, drink and fun until the very late twilight. It's undeniably more fun in Boracay and this attest that its white sand beaches and direct flights from all over Asia have made it one of the Philippines most popular tourist destination. Hope to be in Boracay this Christmas for a change. Lot of people telling me Boracay Christmas celebration is beyond belief.

Puerto Princessa

Photo credit from web

The PP or the Precious Place. Ha-ha! I just created the tagline. Well, nothing to say for the reason that this place is iconic as it ruled the world. Specially the Underground River, –the longest subterranean river in the world which extending 8.2 km underground. Over 2 km is easily reached to the public. The Underground River is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet was named as one of the Earth’s New7Wonders of Nature. No wonder why people love to wander in Puerto Princessa.


Photo credit from wikipedia

As the heart of the Philippines and country's top business and tourist destination. Who would resist going to Cebu? I love to go to Cebu and visiting the place time and again made me realized that it is worth to be loved. Plentiful islands that are lined with tranquil white sand beaches and pure clear waters. To cite, Cebu is the only place where you can travel in all means of transportation plus the sightseeing options are extremely eternal. The churches, other heritages, "Daing", guitars and all; Cebu is known for these. Indeed full of magnificent bits and pieces.

Now, let me take in an international destination which I firm that Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia will be part of this list. For the very straightforward reason, I got green with envy when my boss visited the place 3rd quarter this year. Those photos he posted on G+ starting to kill me. Ha-ha!

Photo from sabahtourism.com

So for that, I am putting a mark to visit the place in next to no time. At foremost, I was like in an uproar locating where Kota Kinabalu is, however, after reading and looking over it online, I was like completely falling in love with the place which like food, it craves me to be in there and savor the whole thing. Despite the fact that they have a small airport, the place is compacted with well-situated places, plus the huge air-conditioned shopping mall is a must to visit. My boss told me that the people from there are like Filipinos: hospitable. The place is quite and the laid back description is anti-aging. Lol! The lavish cuisine is a must try too.

There are some places that I would shun because of the safety circumstances, and for merely because it's a very posh destination, although out-of-the-way from those places I am interested, I simply would like to travel the world but prior to that, I would like to visit each city first around the country before boarding a flight to other nations.

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