Why I use Condoms?

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Just trying to post something out of my core. This may not be suitable for every person but I guess this is an added subject good to extend to everyone. I know this is more a closet tale but I just want to enlighten each one why I use condoms. This is very vital to us for the reason that it gives us the authority to prevent disease and keep us hale and hearty.

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While running errands this morning, I became an out of the blue conscious that my condom box was empty. Truthfully, this is the only box I have that I might do everything just to get a number of if ever I run out of hoard. Yes, I'm persistently storing pieces for of course my sexual security. Who knows, a big name might invite me by surprise. Ha-ha! Good thing. I’m ready! LOL!

As I'm off to head over to a legit seller, I came to realized that with this means of protection, I'm not apprehensive about getting an STD. Let's face it, sex is more fun if you're protected; for us guys, no more qualms about our partners getting pregnant. These are just obvious reasons why I, personally have to use condoms before sex and you too as well. I may be crazy for writing this post but "Hello!" this is reality and the number of people who has STD and HIV is getting superior. So when will you start protecting yourself? Human rule: "better safe than sorry".

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I'm not saying here that you have just to use condoms –well, you got to have to use it right too. Below are the reasons why I use condoms:

1. PREVENTION: Condoms can thwart the reach of: HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Trichomoniasis to name some. If I'm not in the wrong page, using a condom can also trim down the risk of cancer.
2. RESPONSIBLE: For others, I can recognize if you're uncomfortably considering yourself having condoms with you anywhere and everywhere, nevertheless I have an immense admiration to people who has this protective gear with them for the reason that it simply shows their prime of life and how they're conscientious in this kind of matter and having said that they essentially just want a healthy sex life. –And these are the brand of people I would like to have sex with. Ha-ha!

3. PLEASURABLE: They come in all shapes, sizes and colors; not to mention, others has flavors like Frenzy Condoms. This is actually the pleasurable component why I use condoms. Some are already lubricated and 1 more thing, you can have multiple partners. Ha-ha! Come on! Not everyone is monogamous and even if you already have a partner, you still have to use condoms but make sure you use them correctly.

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On a serious note, abstinence is the only way to guarantee staying 100 percent in safe hands. Yet, condoms are by far the best safeguard for anyone who is sexually full of zip. What my point is that nonetheless I may sound preachy to say "Wear A Condom", but it’s pretty important. It increases your sense of responsibility and evidently the only sexual protection tool that is effective and inexpensive.

Condoms must be stored, used and disposed of correctly.


In today's world, condoms are all over the place and the truth is, you can’t tell by just looking at someone if whether not they’re protected or diseases free. Given that you don't know their status, condom is a must. It's about time. My apology if you find this post a bit gross. I am not posting this to tell everyone how flirty I am or how promiscuous I am but rather telling you how safe I am and telling you that I am a proud HIV Free!

PS. Good thing I have friends from medical field that educate me about this matter.
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