F1rst Letter with Love!

10:45 PM
I really do not know how to start this post and it's indeed somewhat "ka-kornihan" and too mainstream to post this, but I don't care. This is just one way of expressing how proud I am with my boyfriend. So, I write a letter below. I know for others that this is something a little off but I just want to tell everyone that us maybe not a girl-boy lover, yet we still feel the same love.

I know this relationship is new and we don't get to talk or see each other much because I'm too busy, but that doesn't change the way I feel about him in my heart.

This letter is for you:

Dear Yabz,

At first, we both know that we just enter this relationship for the reason that we just want to test if the two of us will work on together. I still commit to memory the time you keep on forcing me to look for someone whom you can spend your life with. Remember the time you said to me "Sige na ba!", and I have not anything but "Oo lagi. Wala pako makita now bukod sa akong sarili." and you just make fun out of it. Those messages you keep on sending me while I'm out-of-town, chats and the like. The time that we became friends, and little by little realizing that we have a lot of bits and pieces in common. Food. Music. Movies. Nonetheless, it takes weeks before we formally meet each other; we slowly find a connection to ourselves. It wasn't a perfect meet-up, but indeed worth the wait.

I really don't know what happened to it, for it was too fast knowing that all of sudden you became mine and I am yours. It was you who even first call me as "Yabz" and that word became as our term of endearment.

We both know that for a very short time, we have so many differences that we don't really understood, we have so many hesitations, questions and I admit that I have a big doubt in this relationship; we even have so many discrepancies because maybe for the fact that we never get along together. But for this very short period, deep within ourself, that no matter what it takes, I learned to fully love you, learned to trust you, learned to forgive you when you slightly broke up my heart, learned to accept what you'd done, learned to dream about our future, learned to sacrifice my pride, learned to smile when I'm sad, to sleep with sadness in my heart and hope that tomorrow everything will be alright. I feel so sorry for all those aches and disappointments I’d done and I'm praying that you will not go to say goodbye, to hope that whatever argument we're having, you’re still there, holding on. We just proved that no relationships is perfect yet we are still together creating perfect love. To wish the impossible thing in life. We can do this together

Wishing this relationship to grow stronger and happier as we count more days, months and years with fulfillment and harmony together.

Lately, you're the sweetest somebody I know. Seriously. I don't know what's the reason behind, but I like it. I loved it! Keep doing these things. hehe! Anyway, just remember that I love you and everything about you. That’s what gets me through every minute of every day that I'm without you. I long to hold you and feel your sweet caress, I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Mwuah! Thank you so much for everything.

Happy Monthsary Yabz! I love you.

Loving you,

Yabz Gem
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