10 Tips to make Life Easy!

8:32 PM
Don't stress yourself. People see me as a guy that make life so easy amidst the dare I have in life. But what these people don't know is that they're missing something; quick tips that would most probably make their life as easy as it is. Today I've rounded up 10 quick tips to make your life easier.

1. Skip the coffee! Apples have enough caffeine to help you stay awake. Since I am not a coffee lover and soda don't have the power to keep me awake during wee hours, Apple is my new best friend. Seriously, it can really help you.

2. This is something that I notice that every time I meet new faces, the first thing these people notice about me, subconsciously, are my shoes. Good thing I have 7 pairs in my wardrobe. Not enough but adequate to impress them. So the next time you will meet new people, make sure to wear your best shoes.

3. Instead of reading something over and over to remember, write it down! I remember way back in college, my teacher taught me that instead of memorizing it, write it down 7 times. It can help.

4. Write the things you don't want to forget anything for work/school the next day. Then put it in your shoe the night before. It will remind you effortlessly.

5. Way back working in a call center before, every time I have pee and I am not allowed to take a short break yet and I have to go real bad, or even not in the same situation, just when I don't have time to pee. I think about sex! It'’ll help stop the urge. Try it!

6. I am a certified party goer and almost everyone knows that except my parents. Haha! At a party? Tell people you're not drinking. Everyone will suddenly start to offer you a free drink! Woot! Woot!

7. I do shopping online more often than doing it in real time. Now, if you're a newbie in online buying, make sure when you shop online, Google the promo codes before making a purchase. You can get anything from free shipping to 25% off.

8. Have trouble getting up in the morning? Change your alarm tone same as your caller ringtone, it will be more effective. In fact, it will give you a mini heart attack.

9. When getting a number from someone, to make sure it's not fake read it back to them incorrectly.  If they correct you, its legit. If not, you know what to do and understand that they're not interested in you getting their numbers.

10. Last but not the least, if you want something from someone ask them in their right ear, they'll most likely do it. Now you know what to do.

I actually have more in mind but I'll leave this post with 10 clever ideas to help you make your life easier. Hope you enjoy this post. Don't forget to comment.
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