Why wear (colored) shorts?

10:16 PM
Some men are reluctant in wearing short, specially if it's a colored short, may be because of the basic reason that they don't want to be tag as gay or perhaps these people has a sexual orientation issues that need to be address. Let's all be realistic here that now a days, in the Philippines, third gender are more often visible in wearing colored shorts than the real men of today which opposed themselves to wear one. In this case, they are missing the out of the box basic fashion style.

Note that to those who are hesitant, shorts is a modern addition to everyone's wardrobe. This is very common for the girls because they wear shorts anytime and anywhere, however, nonetheless, shorts are well tailored for men as well. Remember, at the end of the day, shorts is for the men in general.

Let me cite some information that will answer your possible questions:

Q: When to wear shorts?
A: When attending an informal events, parties or you just want to roam around. Consider the temperature, environment and  location. Basic reasons to be mindful of.

Q: How long should your shorts be?
A: Not too long to see your whole thighs. Just short enough to make your knees clearly or half visible. In my case, I wear 2 inches above my knee; if the shorts is longer that what I expected, folding it up to make it more ideal is a good approach.

Q: Shirts for shorts?
A: This one is very basic. We all know that shorts is a casual piece, so the shirts should be too. I know you can be too stylish by pairing your shorts with long-sleeved, button-fronted and whatnot. But make sure you can nail yourself when wearing them on. But in the event you can not, go back to the basic. This approach to style has always been to seek out the classics.

Q: Belts for short?
A: I love to play with belts; and belts is one of the most flexible accessory for all. So whatever your short looks like, you can pair it with any belts you want as long as it won't conflict your style.

Wearing shorts create attitude and character. It redefines one's personality. It step up your fashion sense while still feeling like yourself. It effortlessly expresses you.

For colored shorts, here's some tips I can give you.

Super bright shorts, you can mix them with neutral coloured t-shirts; grey, black, white. Do not wear another colored piece or you might just going to murder yourself.

Stop thinking that your masculinity will be compromised if you wear Neon colored shorts. In fact, I loved neon colored shorts because you can wear them anywhere. Just don't pair it with another neon color or you will look like a traffic cones. Grab some shirt and shoes with neutral color.

Shorts with playful pattern is good for canvas shorts with no socks or sandals. Mixed with simple top or sleeveless shirts.


For girls, avoid yellow and go for green. Your goal to look sexy is highly achievable if you follow this. For strong guys, go for blue to balance your personality, and go for red if you want to look fierce and dominating. Red is a head-turner too.

Good thing about colored shorts is that you can use this as many times as you want. Just know how to mix-and-match.


Among all shorts, colored shorts is the most effortless piece style you can wear. Just throw some detailed top, nice shoes or sandals and you're ready to go. Breezy and easy style. We all love that!
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