TIMEX: A HERO Story that Will Never Die

Combination of engineering improvement and sleek outline is the manner by which I best portray TIMEX watches. In any case discussing watches in today's world, I essentially don't fundamentally require a watch to tell myself the time, because it's easy not to wear one when we all carry phones everywhere, however there are a considerable measure of other exceptional motivations to strap one on. Whether you're outlining the sea's tides or putting the fulfilling touch to your look, a good watch goes a long way.

I believe as a lifestyle blogger and who do design incline audit too, its really an absolute necessity that each guy might as well own a couple of great watches: one for sports tries and a nice, commonplace choice that can skew dressy or casual. In the event that your watch can likewise serve as a discussion starter, all the better.

I wear the same watch every day, although I have a handful of watches in my case. I feel naked if I leave the house without it. I wear my analog watch always while some people are all about digital options, either because they find them easier to read or because they want easily accessible stopwatch/calculator/whatever functions. However watches aren't for everybody right?, so this is one basic issue on by what method would we be able to uncover one that best suit our temperament. 

Presently with TIMEX new Hero Collection, wherein every watch has its own particular model story to tell. With undoubtedly, I unquestionably believe that the Military EXPEDITION Field Chronograph watch best suits me. Simple. A classy, stylish watch I can wear for everyday or going out.


SKU: T49938
SRP: Php, 8,290
  • Genuine Leather Strap Feature
  • Mineral Glass Crystal Feature
  • Water-Resistant to 100 meters

Designed for people who are vehement about being out in an open air and living lifestyle that incorporates with nature and all components of the great outdoors. That is me! Wearing this is like telling my day by day story, a story of an event or scene in my existence or when a significant point of reference was accomplished.

This watch just essentially suits me on account of its mechanical craftsmanship and prevalent quality, and likewise in light of the fact that the brand name has a history which suggests affluence, and exceptional taste.

Watch the Timex Hero Story here:

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