Thank you God I'm Gay!

12:00 PM
In the middle of nowhere, by no means or another asked God for what good reason He made me gay? I posed this question for the reason that I certainly don't know why. I don't believe that my parents has something to do with this, like being gay right from the start or actually even exactly when I'm inside my mother's womb. In any case, I am not feeling that it truly was. It could be an impacted from other individuals maybe, however most importantly, it doesn't generally make a difference on the grounds that provided that I needed to pick, I'd decide to be gay.

I know I'm gay and I can say that I was a gay even before I exposed the unadulterated truth. That is route back in secondary school years. I find affirming to individuals my true sexual orientation a considerable measure challenging than what I suspected it might be. Thinking the thought that discrimination is the hardest to manage, yet in the long run, in any case, I adore my self since I am lovely, regardless of what others say. I only need to feel free myself in indicating to individuals the extent to which I adore being gay with deference, custom and modernity.

In terms of gay love affair, there is an exceptional level of respectability and benevolence between gays that I find hard to accept exists in most straight relationships. Us gays, we're most ready to impart about our past, present and future, especially concerning sex, it unites us closer than individuals had ever envisioned conceivable. Furthermore better believe it, with all due admiration to boy-girl relationship, bi/gays blowjobs are way better.

Being gay has been the most excellent thing that is ever befallen me and whatever excuse for why I came to be like this, I am glad for it. It is the solitary part of my being that most helps me being the luckiest man on Earth. If I weren't gay, I wouldn't be encountering the best things of this planet.

I became a better person because I'm gay. It has additionally given me some reason in life, however most importantly these, my gay life is just so damn fun. It made my existence more full, more cheerful and more complete. I am absolutely not ashamed of my sexual orientation because I know I made the most of God's gift to me.


Recently, I read an article from Yahoo News by Patrick King Pascual who talked over about envisioning Quezon City as gay capital much the same as San Francisco. This very stood out just enough to be noticed on the grounds that regardless, Philippines is a catholic nation and this sort of matter would presumably the most debatable subject that may or positively offer fuss to the nation, yet I believe, just like Quezon City Vice Mayor might need to meet, and if everybody will simply set to back, advertise cognizance and reinforce the privileges of the LGBT community, this is unquestionably achievable. LGBT stand for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual, Transgender. Anyway regardless of how strong we are in this sort of support, in all actuality, seeing this kind of viewpoint will just come into reality all of a sudden in the next 10 to 15 years in the Philippines. Not now or tomorrow.
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