WESTJET: Miracles Really Do Happen!

9:55 PM
WestJet Plays Santa to 250 Lucky Passengers as the Calgary-based airline had a virtual Santa ask passengers what they wanted for Christmas as they scanned their boarding passes at a kiosk in Toronto and Hamilton. Little did they know that Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick and 175 WestJet employees were listening. While the flights were en route, the 175 WestJet volunteers gathered gifts from Best Buy and CrossIron Mills. 

Westjet was established in 1996 by Clive Beddoe and a group of similar accomplices, who accepted that simply in light of the fact that you pay less for your flight, doesn't mean you may as well get less. In any case this time, they are getting a ton and actually more than what they paid for. A year ago, the Canadian transporter additionally got in the occasion soul by shocking travelers with a glimmer swarm of singing and moving mythical beings.

The whole occasion was caught by means of concealed Polaroids and transformed into a commercial imitating the lyric generally reputed to be The Night Before Christmas. This got me teary-eyed. Indeed, WestJet Christmas Surprise will make you believe in Santa.
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