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As a man, you could be exceptionally cognizant about choosing a perfume, in light of the fact that this is one thing, which we never miss to use in our everyday lives. So it is only normal for us to become meticulous in choosing one. Since men sweat more contrasted with the ladies, we require a scent that smells incredible, even at the end of the day. 

Men normally require a scent that is very solid and enduring. Moreover, the one that you pick has to even go with your personality. Jotting all these requirements, Macho Mucho has recently launched a new brand of perfume [and soaps] that you would love to have.

photo credit to Macho Mucho fb page

Meet Get Lucky! In the event that you are still on the process of chasing for the best perfume for men, you will positively discover this fragrance a great choice to think about. It has two scents: Charisma and Seduction. The branding is extraordinary since it can without much of a stretch appeal the market. In case you're into the act of persuading someone, attracts people, or  something that seduces, go grab "Seduction", however in the event that you need a less effort and make the special charm and appeal do all the works, try for "Charisma". Either of the two, Get Lucky is just 385php. The value is only sensible for what the perfume can provide for you. I have the "Charisma" fragrance and unequivocally it never neglects to make me feel notably more certain and more attractive. I know I already am, yet this fragrance is a great addition. haha!

Charisma is the most captivating, perhaps intriguing for me. This scent has a quite strong smell to it at first spray, then it gradually simmers down and later on, it possesses a fragrance similar to the BLACK EDT of Kenneth Cole; following 6 or 7 hours, it does stick to your garments and or skin and smell like GAS of Oxygen. Providing these comparison will just give you an idea of what this really smells like. Truly, it offers a fascinating smell and trust me, people can't prevent themselves from turning their heads while crossing you. You can wear it on all events. Go to a gathering or a bar and you'll realize what I mean. Very pleasant.

This is a scent that would work well on any man! Just right!

photo credit to Macho Mucho fb page

Charisma is solely designed for men, especially for the younger generation. As the fragrance offered by this scent is fit for sending a solid message with respect to one's manliness, it splendidly suits men who have more terrific fearlessness. Making you unique by being the core of attraction. In short, you'll feel lucky with Get Lucky! 

For young ladies out there, if you want to make your boyfriend or better-half feel special on their big day or to just smell great during normal days, Get Lucky scents will serve an incredible pick. Thus, what are you sitting tight for? Get yours now!

For men, you would never go unnoticed after you have this scent on.

Like them on Facebook: Macho Mucho. Located at the 3rd level of SM City-General Santos.
They deliver if you're residing in Manila for a minimum purchase of 1,500php.
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