It’s a sunny holiday and everyone is taking their own vitamin sea. With so much summer heat we have here in the south, nothing can beat but a good pair of cool sunnies. Recently, I was just scrolling down my Facebook timeline and luckily bumped into Zalora’s page as they are celebrating their fruitful 3rd anniversary. It was so enticing to bargain since the items were on sale, so I bought a few and it includes one of my fave in my shopping cart, the HASHTAG PAASA In Silver by EYE KNOW RIGHT from Zalora Philippines Marletplace. Review after the jump.

The price is reasonable, quite inexpensive than most of the sunnies you can buy in Zalora. Got mine for 299php only from its original price of 499php. It’s really a great steal already plus they are offering the Free Shipping advantage. Isn’t that amazing? So I hold no bars.

When it comes to packaging, I wasn’t quite impress but its far more decent than just providing a plain pouch and arrived in defective condition. The package includes the item itself, a pouch, the cloth cleaner and a piece of cardboard that represents the sunglasses case. Buying your own case is optional, but I would like to suggest that you have to buy your own case because if you just rely on the card case itself, it might catch you off guard if all of a sudden it crushed inside your bag. Nevertheless, I would still like to commend the creativity of providing a card case as an alternative.

HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is a masculine-looking fashion accessory with a simple yet sleek design. It has actually a way better quality than I anticipated. However, they seem just a little fragile, but they're very nice. Moreover, they're not as big as most sunglasses, and definitely not small either. HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is lighter in weight.

The silver frame mirror lens come in handy when you need to check your face or anything that needs the use of mirror. Apart from the lenses that looks so classic, they do a great job also keeping the sun under control. You can see out, but people can't see in.


HASHTAG PAASA In Silver fits perfectly to me. With its design, quality and price, you’re getting a good deal here. Just be very extra careful of not letting these sunnies dropped. Despite its packaging, HASHTAG PAASA In Silver is a tremendous buy and for the price, I would recommend this to anyone who even thought about getting sunglasses.

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  1. Thank you so much, Boss Gem! We really appreciate your generous feedback! The EKR Family loves you, boss! Enjoy your sickest Eye Know Right Pair!


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