I Am A Responsible SarBay Citizen!

Branded as the biggest beach party in Mindanao – Sarangani Bay Festival is about to happen this weekend and everyone are getting ready for this momentous merriment. But apart from celebrating, Sarangani Bay Festival or SarBay Fest is an environmental campaign that increases the awareness of the people of Sarangani, nearby cities and tourists with regards to taking good care of our environment. Furthermore, saving Sarangani Bay and preserving the beaches around it.

Last year’s SarBay Fest caught by storm after a massive litters washed up on the shoreline as a result of human activities after partying from dusk till dawn. It got even bigger as the issue and photos of the litters spread across the social medias and other online portals. Good thing it was urgently addressed.

For this year’s most anticipated SarBay Fest, organizers are geared from planning, set up, activities and of course, social responsibilities. This is to ensure that the festival is not just about enjoying and making memories but more importantly, it tackles about our care for our mother nature while we seize the day.

In line with that, Sarangani Bay Festival recently released the Eco-Campaign Ad, I Am A Responsible SarBay Citizen. This aims to promote social awareness by engaging everyone to help out in keeping the bay clean! The question is, how are you going to help clean SarBay? Take a look of this video

I’m part of the video ad campaign because simply, I AM A RESPONSIBLE SARBAY CITIZEN!

Are you?

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