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It’s a brand new year and that simply means another year to reinvent new you. For many people, there’s a lot of traditions to follow, others create New Year resolutions which never got to be followed up until the last day of the year. Typical Pinoy customs we never get tired of doing every year. The rest on the other hand start their new year by throwing out the old and in with the new – giving away old things and giving up old habits, while mine is about becoming productive, learning new stuff and welcoming change.

Inevitably, few days after New Year I found myself cleaning and organizing the disaster cabinet that I hadn't bothered to clean up all year long in my flat, I rearranged some furniture and added stuff/decors to make the interior more pleasant and relaxing.

My place is way better now and stored more food, unlike before. I miss doing this after my boss assigned me to supervise nesting agents. God knows the struggles and the daily effort I had to extend just to meet the requirements of the job. Nonetheless, after months of doing the same thing, I can now say that I am now able to handle it with grace. Moreover, I heard that there’s a new batch of 20 heads coming that I’m going to train this first quarter. Largest group if ever, so good luck to me. Haha!

Outstanding Achievers Award for doing a great job as a Subject Matter Expert

But before this batch will be on board, I had 10 days of vacation that happened first week of January – I was able to go back home to GenSan and had a post New Year celebration with the family and the rest of my friends. Did the same thing last year when I was required to work even on holidays. I don’t mind working on holidays anyway, aside from there’s nothing to do that much, I’m getting paid double. Yehey!

I do have a lot of plans actually that I want to materialize this year and one of those is going back to school since I aim to study graphic design and web development. Then make a few travels and learn a skill or two.

I have been procrastinating on my plan to study Web Development, I just don’t know which school to enroll to but I would probably settle with STI. At first, choosing what kind of expertise to push through is a bit challenging since I have to consider a lot of factors. I had a Vocational Course on Fishery Arts major in Fish Processing and I studied Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Math in GenSan – so choosing an I.T. course is a breath of fresh air plus it’s very trendy in today’s digital world. Not only that, I can also use it on my future blog revamping plans and on my online jobs.

Travelling on the other hand isn’t really my thing. I’d rather stay in my room with cold beer and listening to my favorite music for hours. I’m not an introvert though, because technically I’m an extrovert who just wants to spend more time alone resting/sleeping rather than going out. I guess neither of the two – I’ll probably going to call it – “adult-ing”. Nonetheless, I still want to book a few travels this year for experience and I’ll make sure it’s going to be meaningful and memorable, something that is good for the books.

Now I don’t know how to execute and find time in learning a skill or two, but definitely I’ll make sure that before the end of the year I can show something to others that I can do other stuff too. I’ll find time for it, no worries. In fact, I can still remember how my older brother invested all his savings to buy a good quality guitar for himself and an extra one for us to learn. He was so enthusiastic about music and persistent in teaching us how to play the instrument. But I ended up playing video games instead. Haha, hopefully, if not playing a guitar, cooking and singing (kidding) are my options. Will see what’s going to happen in the next few months.

More than what I wanted to achieve this 2017, I wish you all a blessed and a bountiful year. May all the sweet magic of New Year conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire. Sorry for the late New Year but let’s Cheers to 2017!

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