#ADVENTOURTOWNGLAN: The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway 2

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The Municipality of Glan, in the Province of Sarangani, has risen in the last years where more people are now considering it as one of the best spots to visit when in Mindanao. And through the creative initiative of the Municipal Tourism Officer, Lodar Escobillo – I had a unique opportunity to experience Glan through its gastronomic food and magnificent white sand beaches while knowing the story beyond its distinct culture and heritage houses.

Glan is unquestionably a must visit because of its pristine white sand beaches; known to be the best to spend a perfect summer with. Moreover, it’s a hotspot of where you can get scrumptious food within Sarangani. In line with that, my guided food tour and beach hopping together with the members of Google SOX Local Guides and SOX Bloggers became more enjoyable and memorable because of the scrumptiously fresh delicacies made local brought to you in genuine Glanian style. Took a day for six pit stops with six food restos and beach resorts to relish.

First Stop: BELMAR Eco Park and Beach Resort

I was flabbergasted by how stunning this place is with an enthralling view of Sarangani Bay. It's a cliffside resort that has a mini zoo below which add more attraction to the place. Although, I wasn't able to have a quick visit at their mini zoo, nonetheless, I have heard they star two gigantic albino pythons. Hopefully on my next visit if given the chance again, but saw some monkeys and cockatoos from afar. Likewise, BELMAR Eco Park and Beach Resort also offers rooms for overnight stay at a very reasonable amount. Subsequently, the place is a bit far from downtown Glan, so you can truly enjoy your me time to unwind and or spend quality time with your family without worrying about the crowd.

More than just the view and the zoo, what I loved most is the delectable comfort food they serve to us. I will prolly give it a perfect 10 for Manok Tinibuok – it is a whole chicken soup base dish cooked with lemongrass and pepper. Now, what makes it tastier is they use Native Chicken instead of the commercial dressed chicken. Aside from that, Kinilaw, Calamare and Fried Fish Fillet were damn good too. After the hearty meal, they finally serve their famed and bestselling Buko HaloHalo. More of my food story on my Instagram Food Page: @KissYourCravings

Contact: BELMAR Eco Park and Beach Resort (0929) 243 4448
Location: Sitio Kabog, Barangay Kapatan

Second Stop: LANAI1687

Despite the fact that it has no wifi access and mobile signal – things that I can't live without, this stop appears to be my much-loved place among all. It's kind of weird, I know, but I love the overlooking mangroves garden from the terrace that is pleasant to the eyes, the waves of the sea and the birds chirping around... guess I found my new home. I'm a minimalist so this kind of set up is undeniably perfect for me. Not to mention, LANAI1687 has an Instagram worthy dock on the left corner of the resort that is perfect also especially for an outdoor shoot.

Presently, they're building three cottages, however, no information yet as to when they can offer it to the public, but one thing is for sure, the Lanai1687 resto is open anytime. So make sure to pay a visit and prepare for their mouth-watering and savory dishes. On the table are Harry Porter Steak, Garlic Shrimps, Aloha Garden and Buko Shakes. The steak is well cooked loaded with tenderness and the meat is sensationally juicy. One steak is good for sharing of 3 to 4 heads that will cost you of about 400php which is very reasonable.

Contact: LANAI1687 (0917) 635 5447
Location: Km 1687, Barangay Kapatan

Third Stop: Hacienda Don Juan 

Classy. Historical. Aesthetic. Solemn. Exclusive. A place that you need to CHASE because that's how I best describe it. It's my first time and I'm in awe. For me, Hacienda Don Juan is a symbol of wealth and exclusivity. You cannot just take a sneak preview of what's inside since it's an enclosed area, unless you book a stay. There's a well maintained house that is older than what you can imagine and it's not accessible for all in an instant – you need to request first before you can enjoy a quick tour of this two-story heritage house.

Furthermore, an adoration of how Hacienda Don Juan maintains the limited number of houses built inside with an impressive architectural design for guests. Everyone can stay actually as long as you book ahead of time since as I've mentioned, there's only few guest houses available. Entrance fee is 200php while guest house will range from 1500php (1 available only), 2500php (1 available only) and 5000php to 10000php (limited number). The beach is clean; the cottages and gazebos are pretty nice too. 

Contact: Hacienda Don Juan (0936) 933 9831
Location: Barangay Lago, Glan

Fourth Stop: Café ZAC by Carlito

This cafe is another branch of Glan's very own Carlito. Carlito is famed among Glanians and is something not new to me as my friends keep on mentioning it when they visit Glan, but I haven’t tried any food from them yet or even had a drop by visit. So getting a taste of Café ZAC is a perfect entrée for me to hint what I have to expect if I visit Carlito soon. Café ZAC is a room size resto that serves really good food and coffee. The space is just really small though with only three tables available and 3 bar chairs at the counter.  Nonetheless, I’m very much impressed with their food. Though they need to work hard more on improving their coffees, but the cream crepes, pasta, tacos and garlic shrimps were a taste of heaven you shouldn’t miss; and their pork ribs is beyond words. I can really vouch the taste – it’s perfectly soft, lip-smacking and best when you eat it with your bare hands. Hop on my Instagram Food Page: @KissYourCravings for more of my food porn story.

Contact: Cafe ZAC by Carlito (0919) 877 9143
Location: Curbada Menor, Barangay Ilaya

Fifth Stop: Stop 'n Eat - A Taste of Love

New in Glan as they just recently opened few days prior to my visit. Checking on the price list, it’s actually a bit pricey, but this open resto will probably your next love as they serve a very delectable comfort food. Stop 'n Eat is just beside Café ZAC, so if you want a real “chibugang pang mandiirigma”, they’re the must try when in Glan. On our table are Linagpang Native Chicken, Beef Sisig and Kinilaw. The Barbeque-d Chicken Soup (Linagpang Native Chicken) is a must try cooked in with native manok in the usual flavorful "linagpang" style, but instead of vinegar, it is seasoned with pure calamansi juice. Details of which on my Instagram Food Page: @KissYourCravings.

Contact: Stop 'n Eat - A Taste of Love (0905) 110 6677
Location: Curbada Menor, Barangay Ilaya

Sixth Stop: Isla Jardin Del Mar

I’m just not sure if it’s my 2nd, 3rd or 4th time here, but I know not my first; and what I like the most about Isla Jardin Del Mar is that it's a bit isolated from other busy beaches and beachgoers. So you can really enjoy your relaxation here with a great view of sunset along their “Sunset Boulevard;” a glorious long walk from the shore to the Cliffside. They also have a restaurant with a decent wifi connection. Though I haven’t tried yet what kind of food they’re best of but I’m pretty sure it’s the bomb. Since going to this place is last in our itinerary, I have got the chance to tour myself around but I know there’s always next time. I hope soon. A night stay perhaps.

Contact: Isla Jardin Del Mar (0917) 677 8177
Location: Sitio Manando, Gumasa

Apart from those mentioned above, Glan has a lot to offer with more restos and beaches that you can visit to have a delightful experience that's guaranteed to get your taste buds tingling. So what are you waiting for? Book a trip now to the country's most wonderful paradise down south – the Municipality of Glan, Sarangani Province.

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