VoDavao celebrates Awards Night with 3Rs: REWARD. RECOGNIZE. RAVE.

6:32 AM
Think accounts party are all the same? VoDavao’s Coachella theme sets the bar high. Here’s how it’s redefining the party space.

VoDavao annual awards year 2 was undeniably one of Vodafone’s most notable celebrations. Kicked off last weekend, February 25, 2017, in Precious Garden Resort at the Island Garden of Samal –  all Vodafone employees from the management, ACCMs, Supervisors, Support and agent attendees turned to dress-up a Coachella inspired to join the bash.

REWARD: Filled with sparkling lights, good food and awesome people – the party was a perfect moment to reflect and celebrate VoDavao’s 2016 achievements; VoDavao’s biggest moments, most astonishing success, most remarkable performers, and more.

I’m supposed to post the list of the employees that made it to the top, but that is against the company rule. However, I can’t help to specially mention that both Top Supervisor and Top Agent of 2016 are both from my Team. And I am very proud of that. To watch more of the happenings, see the video below!

RECOGNIZE: Richard Myers, VoDavao – Davao Operations Manager expressed his love and gratitude for the overwhelming 2 year success of Vodafone Davao. Salute in admiration for every VoDavao employee’s effort in making every step worth taking. Point out that his words can never be enough to praise everybody’s actions because work always meet and even exceed to his expectations.

Alongside were Kristine Jamero, VoDavao Director and Jason Ocampo, General Manager – who grace the said event in full support.

RAVE: Electronic music surge to please VoDavao’s party aficionados who have gone wet and wild until the wee hours with DJ Mike dropping every beat. With the party’s lively music and unlimited drinks – everyone is in the mood to groove – and that includes the bosses.

All went home with a VODAMAZING smile as the event capped the night with an enthralling fireworks display.

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