DIARY: Friendship and Love

6:35 AM
Alright! So this morning, it hit me hard, to write something about what has been a long time coming, but every time I get hit with the urge, it is almost always not the perfect time to do so. Nonetheless, here it goes.

Well, this is more than the usual diary blog I’m posting here as this is a post about the absolute best people that I have ever known, my best friends, the people I miss more than anything in the world aside from my family. And since I’m single and its love month already, I’ll take my time loving them instead.

These people made a big impact on me and I am writing this to tell them how thankful I am. I know that we’ve been through so much in the last years and I know that there’s so much more for us in the future. No drama please! Haha!

To my lovely sisters/precious mommies: Madam Chiclet and Ate Cathy:

I am so thankful for the times that we’ve been inseparable and for the life lessons you taught me, for listening to all the drama in my life and most importantly, thank you for always supporting my quest to find true love. Haha! Alam nyo yan! You two are the best people I know to just sit down and talk to for hours over coffee, over dinner and even over shopping.

You’re the wickedest OC fairy mothers I have who are very keen on details, grammar Nazi, perfectionists in all forms and book maniacs. Tama ba? Haha! And I love you for that and I guess I’m starting to be one too. Haha, Good luck to me! But seriously, I can’t thank you enough for pushing me every time, just to bring out the best in me.

I learned a lot from you and that’s for sure.

There’s nothing more I can wish for you since you seem to have everything, but I guess God’s continued guidance and good health will do. Nothing much to say actually, you already know how much you mean to me and that’s more than what you can imagine. Kisses!

But above all, thanks for giving me the bragging rights for being the only and the best Arrangement Organizer! Haha! Samok!

To my bubbly chubby bunnies: Suzy and Alena:

You two are the best buds to go on adventures with - whether an adventure takes us to an unexplored part of Davao or to the Island Garden of Samal, to places we’ve never been to, or discover a new restos, ALAKAN, and even shows we never thought we’d go see.

We’ve come so far from being mere acquaintances inside the training room way back August 2015 to friends sharing deeper relationships. I hope that you find happiness in the mundane and that whatever your heart desires, you are sure to find it. Please don’t rush when it comes to finding love. Kalma lang bes! Let the beauty in your heart shine within and that’s the time love will find you. Ayaw mo sundog sa ako. Haha!

I know that you will go where you want to go and be who you want to be. Sabee?

Threesome Bromance with Ralph and Marz:

I actually had a crush on Marz when I first joined Sox Bloggers, but eventually the crush faded away after knowing all his kadamakan. Hahaha and I can still remember how grumpy Sir Avel was every time he noticed him chatting with me during the wee hours talking all about the nonsensical stuff imaginable. Until today, the friendship grows and we treat each other like brothers, yet still the jealousy of Sir Avel remains.

Ralph on the other hand was my friend’s ex-lover. After they broke up, we started to go out together with other friends too. The relationship grew eventually with constant communication. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m glad it had happened, whatever that is.

These two have known me well from head to toe, that’s why I am very careful because they can ruin my life in an instant... and I to them as well. Haha! They know all my secrets even the darkest ones. I should’ve not shared it with them. Damn! Haha!

But to these two who truly love me, see what a mess I can be, how moody I can get, and how hard I can be to handle, but still they want me. I want to remind you two that you are greater than precious gems, thank you so much!

Thank you for always loving me even when I'm at my most unlovable state. Craaaayyyy!!!!

You both are the most down to earth person I know. I guess. Haha!  And I’m so thankful for that. When I come back home in GenSan again soon, sundua jud ko ha! Haha! Love you!

To all of you my loves, I’m so happy and excited that we’re going to take another year of togetherness, and that even through everything, our friendship will be stronger than ever. I love you all! Thanks for being my best friends for many years. Here’s to many more to come!

Truly, the year 2016 has been a great year for me and it makes a lot of precious remembrances to look back on my memory lane. And you guys are just in one amazing phase I’ll be glad to give you a throwback someday. So with that, I am sending this virtual love from yours truly, the precious Gem.

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