MySkin Origins: My #MySkinJourney + My Favorite Products

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Call Center work is known to be one of the most demanding and stressful jobs out there. One thing I must admit though, and based on experience having worked in one for over a year now, I have become more prone to burnout and stress due to the nature of the job. But of course, despite the things that this job requires of me, I make it a point to give myself a good break, always. So when I'm stressed and burnt out, I, all of the sudden, would just hop out on a shopping spree or perhaps go on a quick getaway like what I used to do before joining the BPO industry.  I also indulge in binge sleeping. But what I always noticed then was the fact that unhealthy practices become evident on my face in the forms of pimples, oily skin and skin impurities. I find this truly unacceptable and needing immediate action.

But like normal guys out there, I actually don't have any beauty regimen which in today's generation is a big no-no. Staying ugly is a crime they say which may be a bit harsh, but it is today’s reality. Haha- So with me working in a call center and at the same time, blogging, looking good and fresh becomes a necessity, but I'm glad I found my answer – My Skin Origins Facial and Skin Care Center.

MySkin Origins have been providing magical results for the men and women of Davao. Facial and skincare services not only meet the needs, but even exceed the clients’ expectations and results are delivered as expected. Customer cares is exceptional with very proficient specialists. I have tried MySkin Origins many times already and I always get an amazing service, the most recent one being my favorite.

Last week, I had a chance to visit MySkin Origins again, but this time, I came with a blogger friend – Rex. We both availed the Diamond Microdermabrasion Premium and it was truly relaxing. Although we both availed the same service, we ended up choosing different facial masks. I requested for a Charcoal Mask coating that is suitable for all skin types, balancing the skin to remove impurities and oiliness, at the same time keeping it fresh and healthy. Rex, on the other hand, settled for Collagen Mask to simply purify his skin, nourishing it to maintain the youthfulness as he is already gifted with great skin.

The sesh was pure bliss with an accommodating staff, giving us the Do’s and Don’ts in taking care of our skin. They even recommend some products that we might want to try. And after the facial, our faces did look brighter and smoother. We also bought some of the recommended products.

So far, I have two favorite products from MySkin Origins which I regularly use – the Pino Tropika and the Acne Perfecting Toner. This duo is my go-to products when it comes to maintaining a smooth and fresh looking face. Even if MySkin Origins has a lot of products and beauty regimen sets to choose from, these two are simply standouts for me. The soap and toner set me back for less than 500php, which is really reasonable considering that these will last for more than a week.

The Pino Tropika helps to brighten your skin naturally while keeping it healthy and radiant. It will do everything you need to get your complexion back to beautiful. Best part of this bar soap is the fragrance and it also refines your skin texture. The Acne Perfecting Toner on the hand fights aging, impurities and restores your original glow. Apart from its smell which I really like the most, it does not cause your skin to itch and is very gentle when you apply it. And you can really feel the smoothness after applying it to your face. Acne Perfecting Toner clarifies and tones your skin while reversing the aging process. It even restores skin elasticity and prevents future breakout. Amazing, right?

They're my perfect face ranger duo as one, Acne Perfecting Toner, kills the problem while the other, Pino Tropika helps you stand out. Aside from these two, MySkin Origins also has Beauty Regimen Sets, which could address your facial needs.

So what are you waiting for? Visit MySkin Origins at Door 2, #93 Jacinto Street, Davao City and start your #MySkinJourney now. Who knows, you might turn out to be as good looking as my favorite guy below.

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