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12:19 PM
I really value my time and as much as possible I want everything to be in order. With the kind of lifestyle I have, keeping my schedule organized is a priority. And at the same time I want every errand to be booked at just the right time, making it all convenient for me. Putting everything in a row will give me ease and peace of mind. Having said that, doing extra stuff should be convenient too – like shopping which I can just do online and going to my preferred male salon, Macho Mucho.

However, going to Macho Mucho often infuriates me as I have to wait in line doing nothing before my turn and I hate it more that I have to spend more time waiting than having the actual pampering sesh. Moreover, Macho Mucho has changed the game, they have installed an online booking tab on their Facebook page for appointment setting at your most available and convenient time, isn’t that just the coolest?

So since I need to visit Macho Mucho again, I decided to book an appointment online to check for myself how convenient actually is. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to jump to another app.  With just your personal Facebook account, booking is just one ticket access – and it’s absolutely FREE! So let me show you how after the jump…

To start, just hop on their Facebook page, Macho Mucho, and just below the primary photo is a blue booking tab. Hit that button, buddy! Then it will redirect you to a new page in which you have to choose your preferred Macho Mucho branch.

Next page will allow you to select the type of service you want to avail, then pick the barber/stylist and time schedule respectively. Make sure that the time slot fits your schedule. A calendar will pop showing the work schedule of the barber /stylist – green if on duty and gray if not available.

Once everything is set for the booking, next page will let you key in your contact details and then an order confirmation will show that you’ve successfully booked for an appointment with Macho Mucho. An email confirmation will be sent to your inbox too making sure that you will be present for your scheduled visit.

So you just arrive at your scheduled time, skip the queue, sit in the barber’s chair and relax.  Once done, if satisfied, don’t forget to tip that guy behind your new look. Make sure to take a selfie before you leave too, post it on your Instagram and tag Macho Mucho to get a chance to win a 500php gift certificate.

Macho Mucho is indeed setting a benchmark for a new and convenient trend in the industry, but I guess a cashless transaction that is linked to the booking process would probably give them an edge to beat. It’s simply linking your card for payment after booking and you can just go back to leave a tip with a single tap if satisfied. What do you think? And what can you say about Macho Mucho’s mission in keeping you looking sharp, hassle-free? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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