KAPATAGAN: A Day Tour at Digos’ bests!

7:59 AM
A fun day trip to Digos City’s famed paradise, Kapatagan. Although it’s different from my usual getaway as I have availed this time a day tour from a small operator I just saw on Facebook; with the package they’re offering – it was the cheapest. So my soul wanderer is happy because I have been craving for this chance to take place and finally it happened. Indeed, another beautiful day to cherish that is good for the books.

One thing I like the most about this tour is that one can already experience everything in just a day, which is very convenient for people who only have a limited time to unwind, relax, and recreate.  And with Digos’ geography, they’re able to compact the bests, which means you get to see and experience the very best of its attractions, culture and beauty.

Watch my first ever VLOG below about this trip:

The tour costs 500php only which includes a roundtrip van transfer from Davao to Kapatagan, the tour guide fee, and the driver’s food. Despite the fact that I have to spend for my own meals, entrance fees and rides, it’d still not cost me an arm and a leg. So everything is really under control, especially if you’re on a tight budget but still wants to wander.

Since am really satisfied on this day tour, I don’t mind booking with them my next trip; and if you’re just around Davao and wants this kind of quick getaway in nearby cities and provinces, let me know in the comment box below so we can tour together. See you!

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