DIARY: Respond Demeaning With A Positive Attitude And A Beautiful Heart

5:57 AM
First month of the year and there's a lot of happenings already; I still can't get over yet with 2016! Haha! I remember I was so eager to learn a lot of things which is really good, but I ended up trying too hard, taking pictures, writing literary features, cooking and more, and yet nothing much really happened. But as you can see, at the last quarter, I was able to catch up.

Despite my busy schedule at work, I still worked hard and multitasked to cope with my social media account responsibilities – taking and uploading pictures every day, experimenting with new recipes, brainstorming as to what my next post would be about and updating all pages.

At first, it was fun to do everything all at once, but somehow it got difficult along the way because I get bored easily and ordinarily never get to complete anything I plan especially when I receive criticisms like the photos not being good enough, ugly even. That’s a bit off and quite demotivating, although it is not being said straight to my face, but the reaction says it all. It makes me feel I have nowhere to go and my best is just not good enough for this chosen craft.

But hey, that would not stop me, its 2017 anyway and I would not let a single opinion affect me that much, better yet I will take it as a challenge to do the best I can because I know what I’m capable of doing and I will prove to everyone that I can do better. And that is what I want you to do as well this 2017 and for the following years.

So I’ll end this post with a piece of advice I want you to ponder on… and that is to never make someone feel that they are incapable, because WE all can do things. Whatever circumstances, never allow anyone to belittle and demotivate you. Some people are nice when you meet them, but others aren’t, just don’t take it personally and instead, choose to ignore them. Tell yourself that one day, you’ll be better and that you should not judge others. Always be nice because we’ll never know what will happen in the future. Keep yourself grounded and geared with God’s presence. Always have a positive attitude and a beautiful heart.

Again, never ever forget to always aim to become better. To become someone you want to become. Be the one you want yourself to be proud of, whatever it takes.

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