Malagos Garden Resort: Chocolate Making Experience + Chocolate Museum Tour

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I have been hearing and reading a lot of sweet things about this place online and finally I got my chance to go there. And just like every kid, I still am fascinated with chocolate factories. So last Wednesday, I had a very sweet escape at the country’s only and first Chocolate Museum located in Malagos Garden Resort.

From the outside of Chocolate Museum, the facade looks like a chocolate bar that makes you giggle with excitement. It seems that an exquisite chocolate-like interior prominently on display is there to satisfy your eyes. On the left side is where the Chocolate Park is.

A very welcoming chocolate aroma that lingers greets you upon entering. An assigned tour guide who will explain the chocolate making process will accompany you through the museum. The objective of the tour is to be completely transparent with guests and educate them about the chocolate making process. One would learn about how chocolate has evolved through the centuries and to how it became the tantalising silky smooth confection we all know and love today.

The tour may be short but it is indeed meaningful as it gave me a whole new appreciation for the way things are made. Even up to this moment, I am still astonished that this magical place is here in Davao.

Inside the museum, there’s an educational playroom for kids and a Chocolate Bar/Café that serves chocolate overload for serious chocoholics!

In addition to relishing a selection of their delicious chocolates and hearing all about how chocolate is made, this experience also includes “Chocolate Making” which will cost you P450 more on top of your Day Tour fee.  Covering a moment of being a chocolatier, the session allows you to enjoy and experiment on how you can create your own perfect chocolate bars – 200 grams of chocolates and condiments of your choice.

This activity is perfect for every one of all ages, so if you don’t know how to spend your summer yet, going to the Malagos Chocolate Museum is the best decision to make. Here’s a sample time-lapse of the said activity.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a selection of their delicious chocolates and learn all about the chocolate making process at Malagos Garden Resort – Chocolate Museum. For full details, visit their social media accounts: Facebook: Malagos Garden Resort Davao, Instagram and Twitter: @MalagosDavao. Or you may get in touch with them at:  0977 713 2223 or (082) 224-7438.

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