DAVAO: Indeed Life is Here!

6:36 AM
Way back 2015, I have been contemplating on the idea of becoming far way independent than I ever was before. And relocation was the first thing that came into mind. I was not escaping responsibility in GenSan as I was still in touch with my family, even up to this day, I just wanted to start over. I needed a new life. I wanted to go somewhere far away, to a place of my own.

I’ve reached a major turning point in my life. For one reason or another, I wanted to say goodbye to my old life and start a new chapter. This was not a decision I made lightly, but at this point I’d like to assume that I already know that it is what I want. Trust me, I’ve been contemplating on this decision.

Settling for this kind of change is not easy, from planning stage up until now. And I am helping myself to get rid of the anxiety with some good old-fashioned preparations to embrace this new life.

Before leaving GenSan, I practically made an inventory of the money I have left in my bank account; taking stock as to how long that money would last. It wasn’t that much, but it helped me feel secure in the knowledge that I will have enough to support my basic needs like food and shelter.  I should also include that it should cover my daily Starbucks cup as well – hot Caramel Macchiato 3 shots with soy.

It wasn’t an easy feeling to part ways with my family after spending more than two decades of being with them. But my decision then was final:  Davao is… my new life now.

On my first few months here, I really had an amazing journey. Although I struggled at some point and had fears about everything   going dreadfully wrong. That’s why I have learned that at any given point, I should have two or three wildly different plans or options just in case something goes sideways.

First few months had been a fun ride - juggling work, personal blogging with family and love life of course in between.  And I can clearly spot the changes from how things were.

Workload may have been somehow draining, but with the kind of environment I have now, I can finally say that this is the kind of vibe I’m starting to fall in love with – guess going to the office seems like not work at all. Albeit, I still hate waking up during the wee hours though to prepare myself to work, but still, I ain’t complaining at all.

What I love about Davao the most is the sense of being safe at all times, that feeling of not being in harm’s way.  Every time I go to work, I feel secure even with people I don’t personally know, the people I sit beside in public transports, to the taxi drivers, to the bystanders, and even with random people I meet on a daily basis.  Everyone in Davao, whoever they are or whatever their economic background is, exudes an assurance of safety. In fact, Davao is even recognized as one of the world’s safest cities to live in. That alone is good proof why settling here is one of the better decisions I’ve made so far.

But more than just prioritizing safety for everyone as mandated by the local government, Davao has a lot of dive spots that everyone should take advantage of,  a couple of museums to visit, restaurants and cafes for food tripping, parks for strolling with friends and family, resorts for quick getaways and hotels  for sweet staycations.

Davao as well opens a bigger opportunity for me to explore more my potential as a blogger. This industry, through the strong support of my blog community, DBS, has opened a lot of doors for me and my life hasn’t been the same since. I’ve learned so much in this career.

I can’t believe that time flies real quickly and that I am already on my 2nd year of stay here.

Truly, Davao changed me a lot. My perspective is now mature and the way I live my life, I am more confident than ever. Albeit GenSan will always be my number one love, but Davao truly showed me that life is indeed here!

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